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Make the Irish Language Part of Your Daily Life

Irish Language

Up until now, our fundamental aim at Bitesize Irish Gaelic was to help you make a real connection with your Irish heritage, by learning to speak Irish Gaelic.

After thinking about what we can do for you, it’s become apparent that our more specific aim is to change your life, that is to make the Irish language part of your every day.

Why would you make Irish Gaelic part of your daily life? That’s easy: it’s to make a real deeper connection with your Irish heritage. It’s a way to live your Irish heritage. It’s a personal way to express yourself through the ways of thinking of the Irish.

Well into the journey of Bitesize Irish Gaelic, I have to admit that I thought that the best way to learn a language “remotely” is to take a course or a book. But at the same time, I had a Teach Yourself Slovenian book (that’s my wife’s language), and I could never feel the motivation to get into it to finish a full chapter. At this time, we recommended you complete a lesson of Bitesize Irish Gaelic each day.

With the influence of Khatzumoto of All Japanese All The Time blog, I realised that immersing yourself in the language and culture is waaay more important than actively learning a language.

So it was only recently that our new suggestion to you if you want to learn to speak Irish is to open a Bitesize Irish Gaelic lesson a day (well, we actually limit our recommendation to doing that four times a week so you don’t overstretch yourself, perhaps it should be seven times a week). Once you open a lesson, you’ve put yourself in the best position you can. You’ve already done the hard work. Now let your curiosity and current energy levels take over to see how far you’ll get.

The Bitesize Irish Gaelic program’s purpose has changed from trying to get you to “take” lessons, down to helping you making the Irish language part of your everyday life.

The best learners I’ve come across make the language and Ireland’s culture a core part of their lives. It’s not that they sit down to “learn” Irish once a week. Irish is part of them. Now it’s your job to see how to make Irish part of you.

4 thoughts on “Make the Irish Language Part of Your Daily Life”

  1. Dia daoibh

    Gaeilge has become part of my everyday life, despite living in Australia without fellow Irish learners (geographically) around me. I Skype, I Facebook on several Irish learners sites and I actively learn from online Irish programs everyday. In a short time I’ve begun to become acquainted with the music, dance, culture and folklore and of course, the language of na hÉireann! I know now that this is a life long journey of being a part of communities – Irish speaking communities – and it all started with Eoin’s podcasts … Go raibh mile maith agat a Eoin le haghaidh a dhéanamh tionchar mór acu ar mo shaol!

    Le gach deá-ghuí
    Neasa 🙂

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