Countries And Nationalities

Here is a lesson walk-through of lesson Countries And Nationalities from the course Meeting, Greeting And Introducing!

Here’s your chance to learn the name of your country, as well as many others, in Irish. You’ll also learn how to say what your nationality is.

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1 thought on “Countries And Nationalities”

  1. Cathal Déiseach

    Very good introduction thanks, over time the name of our island has changed from Ériu to Éire and more recently we see Eire which translates as ‘Burden’. I would like to know how you would say this using Ériu.

    Ériu = Ériu

    I’m from Ériu = Is Éiru mé

    I’m Ériu (an) = Is as Éiru mé

    The island country of Palau is the only country I could find that ends in ‘u’ and has the no change in our language on the web link below

    This link says Palauan people is ‘ó Oileáin Palau’ó%20Oileáin%20Palau

    Not all nationalities end in (ach)

    Ériu translates to English as Sovereignty this means if you want to translate the above correctly it would be:

    Ériu = Sovereignty

    Is Éiru mé = I am Sovereignty

    Is as Éiru mé = I am Sovereign

    It’s very interesting what you said that our language has the same spelling for ‘French’ and ‘rat’ considering how the French people have been the defenders of Freedom in the world for a very long time now, modern ‘Irish’ truly is a corruption of its original source which is Ogham / Pure Consciousness.

    France Versus Irish Botanics 26th July 2021

    Sovereignty means Pure Consciousness / reflection of nature, Sovereignty means nobody is higher than you other than our Creator.

    Our language is Ogham, just the same as the root of Sanskrit is Aum / Om which came from Pure Consciousness / reflection of nature.

    Learning Sanskrit: Stephen Thompson introduces the Sanskrit alphabet

    Read the book ‘The Ogham Year Wheel’ to see how beautiful our Ogham language really is, it is a reflection of nature.

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