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1 thought on “81-harping-at-Calanais-stones-smaller”

  1. Mary Uhrig/Medithkgr

    Have you considered learning Scots Gaelic as
    well? Or Welsh?
    I know it has been awhile, but I wish to extend my condolences to you on the loss of your parents and older sister.
    I would have contacted you years ago, but I have been cyber tech challenged, both informationally and financially. Meanwhile, I remember you as moving around quite a bit geographically, making trying to contact you by snail mail problematic. I had to wait until I had learned more about the cyber universe and culture, and until I had the financial resources to buy my own devices. Then I had to find you…..for free. No person search subscriptions.
    I am interested in learning Celtic languages, too.
    I would like to think that the universe wants us to renew our friendship, and that perhaps the time has come.