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Colleen: Have Fun with the Irish Language

Bitesize Irish member Colleen Duncan graciously agreed to sharing this member interview with you all!

Colleen, where abouts are you?

I live in California (USA) in the eastern Sierra foothills in the Mother Load. We have a creek on our little ranch. It’s rainy and cold outside, but when the rain stops I can get down to the creek and start looking for gold again.

Your Irish ancestry

Do I have Irish ancestry? Yes. Both of my parents had Irish grandparents. My mom’s grandparents were from Ballyvoreen.

When I was six years old I met my Aunt Nora when she came to visit. I loved her so much. I still have the gifts she gave me; a necklace with Connemara marble, a bracelet of Connemara marble. She also gave me a little porcelain statue of a Leprechaun????.

Learning the Irish Language

What inspired me to learn Irish? Several things, my Aunt Nora and a cousin I have never met. His name in Seán Ryan. My Aunt Nora was his grandmother. Seán is fluent in the Irish language.

How do I use Bitesize Irish? I practice. With my cousin. I also attended a Irish language Immersion program. I drowned????.

What advice would I share with a beginner in Irish? Well, just pull your sense of humor out of your pocket and have some fun. Practice every time you get one of those irritating calls that bug everyone. Say hello in Irish. That’s fun. Contact the Bitesize staff and ask for help. They are terrific.

P.S The picture was taken when I was feeding the wild birds

* If you’d like to give Bitesize Irish a try too, start your own Irish language journey.

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5 thoughts on “Colleen: Have Fun with the Irish Language”

  1. Dia duit a Coleen, tá sé go deas bualagh leat. It is great that you are learning Irish and discovering your family’s heritage. It is a beautiful language from a beautiful country and deserves to be treasured more than it is. Go n-éirí leat. slán go foil. Ian.

  2. I love this! From now on I’m answering the phone in Irish! I can’t go much beyond, “Di Duit! Conas atá tu?” and “Peg is aim dom,” But something tells me they’ll hang up before then!

    1. Colleen Duncan

      Dia Dhuit Eoin,

      I’m sorry that I didn’t answer your question in a timely manner.
      I wish that I was taking the picture in Ireland. I took the picture at home. I was feeding the wild birds that frequent our little ranch. It is beautiful here in the winter. The hills are so green and the wildlife stay close because of the mild weather. Summer is hotter than a desert. Even the Crows carry canteens.
      We are planning a trip to Ireland for my birthday. I want to go to County Limerick. My mother’s cousins live there. I want to learn about the history of County Limerick during the Easter Rising and the devastation that was wrought by The Famine. There is so much to learn about County Limerick and my family history. I have been looking for a book about County Limerick that addresses these topics and the strength of the people of County Limerick and Limerick City.