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Let’s Collect All Irish Language Immersion Weekends

Irish Language Immersion Weekends

Depending on where in the world you live, you might very well be lucky enough to have an annual Irish language immersion weekend around you.

They often call themselves a “Deireadh Seachtaine”, which means “weekend” in the Irish language.

In fact, they’re popping up in different places, especially in the United States.

This is how YOU can help

At Bitesize Irish Gaelic, we’d love to help you by making you aware of immersion weekends that might be near you. It’d be lovely to spread the word of these weekends, and get new people attending who would not have otherwise.

This is how you can help:

Please leave your reply below with the location and URL (if you have it) of any and all Irish language immersion weekends you’re aware of.

Here’s the start of our list of Immersion Weekends

The following is a list I’m aware of off the top of my head of Irish language immersion weekends in the US:

Now’s your turn. We’d love to hear about all immersion weekends across the world. Be part of it, leave your reply below with the location and URL (if you have it) for the immersion weekend.

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36 thoughts on “Let’s Collect All Irish Language Immersion Weekends”

  1. Fáilte go hÉirinn!
    The Gaelic League of Los Angeles dedicated to preserving and promoting Gaelic languages and cultures. We are a branch of Conradh na Gaeilge. We teach Irish language classes and love to share our knowledge and love of Irish culture far and wide.
    To that end, we host an Irish Immersion Weekend every year — and this year it will be fully online.
    Here is some of the fun we’ve got planned:
    We have classes for everyone — from complete beginners to advanced.
    Get ready for Bódhran and Harp lessons as well as Irish singing.
    It simply wouldn’t be an Irish Immersion Weekend without a Ceili.
    Come and bake Irish Soda Bread with us and join us in Irish arts- and crafts making.
    Here is your chance to learn the basics of Iománaíocht (Hurling) and Gaelic Football.
    Please visit http://www.IrishWeekendLA.com for a detailed description of classes & times.


  2. Daltai na Gaeilge, http://www.daltai.com, based on Elberon, NY USA, has 4 immersions a year. One i Feabhra (15-17 in 2019) in Esopus, NY, one in May (17-19 in 2019, also in Esopus), a week i Lunasa (25th – 31st in 2019), and one i Samhain (8th-10th in 2019) in York, PA. Usually, the Esopus weekends have 1 or 2 Irish Fulbright Scholars there to teach, there are 4 to 6 levels, from beginner to liofa.

    Also, the Kansas City Irish Cultural Center has one in March (28th-31st in 2019. Last year, Seaghan Mac an tSionnach, and Ciari Ni E of UTube series WTF – What the Focail, were both there le cheile, and the year before, Eamonn O’Donnaill, udar Gramadach Gan Stro, was there.

    Please update your list at the top of the this page. It’s out of date and doesn’t include Daltai or KCIC.
    Also, a shout-out to Siobhan. Love the UTube videos. Keep’em coming.
    (ta bron orm, nil closcriobh me fadas i an bosca comment seo)

    1. Hi Alex,

      Thank you for your question.

      Unfortunately, I can’t find any information on an immersion course in Australia.

      Here’s an organisation which may be able to answer your question: http://www.gaeilgesanastrail.com/newclasses.php

      Here’s the Geelong Irish Society’s website: http://www.geelongirish.com.au/index.php

      I hope one of those organisations hold immersion weekends or the like, and if they don’t, perhaps they could start one.

      Le dea-ghuí, (Kind regards)

    2. Hi Alex, Cumann Gaeilge na hAstráile is based in Melbourne, and held a week-long Daonscoil every January until 2015. The Cumann doesn’t currently offer an immersion course, but this might change in the future. Victorians interested in a summertime immersion experience in 2017 will attend Scoil Teanga Canberra which is taking place on January 26-29.

      Beir bua!