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Chris joined me for our first members’ interview of 2022. Chris was born in Dublin and moved to England almost 50 years ago. We began our chat by discussing what brought him back to the Irish language as he hadn’t had much to do with it since his school days. His starting point was Michael McCaughan’s book ‘Coming Home‘ which inspired him, like many others, to try his hand at some Irish on Duolingo. Although it is a great way to begin learning a language, Chris longed for more than just phrases and words. From there, he decided to join a course at Gaelchultúr in April 2021 and has since completed 2 levels and is onto his third.

In the breaks between the courses, he felt that he wanted more practice and chose to join Bitesize Irish in December 2021 and I’m delighted that he did! Chris tells me what he enjoys about our online community, specifically the daily challenges that I set out as community manager for members to practice Gaeilge gach lá. He also shares his advice to those thinking of returning to the Irish language or starting from scratch.

Go raibh míle maith agat, a Chris for taking the time to talk to me.

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  1. Dear Emma & Chris!

    I look forward to your Irish lessons via your website and am endeavouring to find a disc/CD to accompany an Australian coursebook I have had for some time.

    At present we are gearing up for an election-Federal in Australia plus “The Church for the IIIrd Millenium” with Australia’s story and events since “Anno Domini…” on a time-scale as without prayer and Divinity one cannot succeed!paraphrase of His Excellency the Former Irish Ambassador to Australia Mr Brendan O’Caellaigh & spouse Carmel and my assertion to judging by “the state of the nation!!” and “the consumer society so-called and paucity of Technological knowledge and the doing and making thereof..!” including the Feminine Gender who are being disadvantaged by “off-shore” trade arrangements ….!

    In prayer and Light (St.John Paul II of Poland,EU and his two predecessors and Holy Fathers Their Holinesses Pope Paul VI,John-Paul I ,Formerly Albino Luciano tutored by his “gast-arbeiter in Switzerland Italian worker-parent about the excellence of the White and Church nations in W.Europe and other EU nations “on their merits” as well as St.John-PaulII of Poland EU and the present Holy Father His Holiness Pope Francis from Argentina in the Newer part of the Planet “the Americas South and Central!” with Christendom now in need of an update!

    Please refer to the Church in Ireland North and Sout-ie.Ireland EU-Armagh and Dublin etc re the above message!
    Slean Agut!

  2. Go raibh maith agaibh, Emma and Chris for sharing. It is good to hear about the journey of someone returning to learning Irish. One of the really important take aways to me what you said about the importance of a community of learners. It is so hard to learn without that kind of support.

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