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Don’t drive in Ireland, Electric-Bike it

On our podcast, we’ve previously discussed whether you should rent a car or take a tour bus when visiting Ireland. The overwhelming answer was: drive, because it gives you the freedom to see Ireland at your own pace.

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A Story of Driving Tourists Around Ireland (Ep. 46) [Re-run]

Ireland is one of the top destinations for tourists from Australia, the U.S. and Europe. When tourists come to Ireland, they do this for one of several reasons: they may have relatives here, they want to admire Ireland’s magnificent landscapes, … Continue reading

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Can You Learn Irish Gaelic by Travelling to Ireland? (Ep. 29) [Re-run]

If you’re passionate enough to learn Irish Gaelic, a trip to the Gaeltacht (where Irish Gaelic is spoken in communities) can be an amazing experience. Seeing how the best time to visit Ireland is upon us, why not go ahead and … Continue reading

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3 Secret Places in Dublin You Need to Visit Next (Ep. 24) [Re-run]

Depending on how long you’re planning to visit Ireland, you may or may not have time to discover all the Irish beautiful places. You can choose to join generic travel tours where you join another group of people and visit … Continue reading

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The Best Time to Visit Ireland Coming Up

September is possibly the best time to visit Ireland, if you’re planning to visit the standard tourist destinations.

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How to Plan and Enjoy Your Trip to Ireland (Ep. 16) [Re-run]

When you’re creating your bucket list of places you’d want to visit in your lifetime, be sure to include the beautiful Irish landscapes. Most people would really like to visit Ireland but they don’t really know how to start, what … Continue reading

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Get to Know the Irish Language Before Visiting Ireland

Summer is upon us and people start to go on vacation, having fun with family and friends. Some of them are going on trips outside of their countries so they have to do some extra preparations. For example, they need to know … Continue reading

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[Re-run] There’s No Place Like Home (Ep. 10)

Some people say that “home” is where your family resides. Others don’t have such a strong connection to their relatives but still have a special place they come back time after time with joy in their hearts. This is also … Continue reading

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[Re-run] The Sense of Community in the Dingle Peninsula (Ep. 06)

Corca Dhuibhne (the Dingle peninsula) is known for its amazing views of the Atlantic and the Blasket Islands but what people don’t know is that this specific part of Ireland has one of the strongest Irish-speaking communities. In the sixth … Continue reading

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[Re-run] Fun Surprises For Those Who Visit Ireland (Ep. 03)

When it comes to travelling, Ireland has a lot to offer. It doesn’t really matter if you visit this beautiful country for its amazing landscapes, breathtaking views or just to get a small taste of the Irish culture – you’ll … Continue reading

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