Irish Pronunciation Videos

How to say “dance” in Irish

In this video, you can learn the various Irish words for dance and dancing. Both variations below are commonly used in everyday Irish. You will certainly not regret learning these words as they commonly come up not only on TV and radio but also in face-to-face conversations. damhsa/dow-sa/dance rince/rin-keh/dance Now, let’s use those words in …

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Irish Gaelic Grammar 101 | Lenition

Let’s learn what lenition is! Here is another instalment in our grammar series. This series focuses on helping you crack the code of the basics of Irish Gaelic grammar.  Lenition, also called aspiration, is known in Irish as séimhiú: séimhiú /shay-voo/lenition, aspiration Its function is to make speaking easier and also to make sentences more …

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How to say “community” in Irish

In this video, you’ll learn a very common word which is often associated with Irish society – community. pobal /pub-ell/ community Now, let’s use the word in a sentence: Fáilte go dtí an Pobal/falw-cha go gee an pub-ell /Welcome to the Community

How to say “Island” in Irish Gaelic

Being an island, and having her own islands, the sense of an “Island” is important in Ireland! Here’s our video for how to pronounce that word in the Irish language.

How to say Ice Cream in Irish Gaelic

uachtar reoite /ookh-tur roh-cheh/ ice cream Is maith liom uachtar reoite /Iss mah lyum ookh-tur roh-cheh/ I like ice cream For Bitesize Irish members, related lessons: Bitesize Lesson: I Love It – I Hate It Bitesize Lesson: I Prefer This