Podcast 090: Irish Language Learners’ Quiz

Are you an avid Irish language learner, or is it best to park it to the side for a while? This fun quiz will get you to rate your own approach to learning to speak the Irish language. Related: Creating is learning. And you might also like: Start Something! Podcast with Dineen Grow (Podcast 023).

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Podcast 089: Irish Music Listener Questions and More

We got a tonne of interest from Podcast 088: Music to Connect with Ireland. Singing in the Irish language is a fantastic way to share your love for the Irish language with others, and to get to know the language deeper. That’s why we made videos for three traditional Irish Gaelic songs (plus a full

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Enjoy Irish Language

How to Enjoy Your Language Journey (Podcast 087)

After the honeymoon of starting off with learning the Irish language, how do you keep going? How do you make it sustainable for yourself? In this episode, we focus on how to enjoy the everyday moment of it. [T]he ultimate goals of these activities … are also important but true enjoyment comes from the steps

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In Favour of a Simplified Irish (Podcast 086)

Eoin lays out a case for using a simplified form of the Irish language. The alternative is to never speak it because you don’t think you’re grammatically accurate enough. In reality, many speakers of Irish Gaelic already don’t speak accurately. There is certainly a tension there: the spoken fluent accurate Irish language is beautiful to

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Irish language donation

We Donated! (Podcast 085)

Following on from last week’s announcement of our €500 donation to Feachtas, here is an interview with Loretta at Feachtas to help us understand what they do. Feachtas is an Irish language youth organisation. We believe this is a fantastic way to support the Irish language into the future. Thanks to our Bitesize Irish members

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Community… What if… (Podcast 084)

Listen to this Bitesize Irish Podcast episode for a “What if” of a Bitesize Irish community. We’ve had two forums previously with Bitesize Irish, and both failed miserably. But that was only the first part of the puzzle of giving a community a place, one where you can get to know others who are on

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You’re Already Good Enough (Podcast 083)

You’re already good enough to be able to speak the Irish language. It could be that you’re comparing yourself to others, and living with regret of not learning, rather than following your curiosity with the Irish language, culture, music and history. In addition to the podcast above, here’s a little treat from our Bitesize lessons:

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Names Matter - Bitesize Irish Podcast 082

Names Matter (Podcast 082)

A small cultural practice gives us insight into underlying culture in Ireland: that is that a good number of people in Ireland use the Irish language of their name on Facebook, even though the Irish language is not part of their everyday lives. But that still gives us an insight into the culture, and people’s

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