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Irish History – Medieval Ireland (Ep.22) [Re-run]

Want to learn a ‘bitesize’ portion of Irish history? You came to the right place. This podcast episode is focused on Medieval Ireland and how the Irish language was transformed during Ireland’s turbulent times.

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How Do Irish Language Immersion Weekends Help You Learn? (Ep. 21) [Re-run]

Recent studies are displaying a drop in the ranks of Irish speaking individuals around the World. While the use of Irish Gaelic is declining, we can’t say for sure by how much the numbers of Irish speakers are declining. Why? … Continue reading

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Simple (But Effective) Guide To Use Irish With Locals (Ep. 20) [Re-run]

The best way to test your Irish language level would be to practice it live with locals, in Ireland. Now, if you’re planning a trip to Ireland any time soon and you want to use Irish Gaelic with local people, … Continue reading

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Irish Language Summer Courses (Ep.19) [Re-run]

Everyone has a different approach to learning something new. Some people try to learn a little bit every day, others prefer to give themselves more free time for some focused study. Both methods work when applied to learning the Irish … Continue reading

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Listen To This Authentic Christmas Poem From Ireland (Ep.58) [Re-run]

From time to time, we had special episodes on the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast. When we didn’t talk about the Irish language we interviewed people with interesting Irish stories, but in other times, we would bring you a piece of … Continue reading

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3 Secrets That Will Make Your Irish Learning Experience So Much Better (Ep. 18) [Re-run]

Some languages are easier to learn than others, but at the same time, some languages are (arguably) more beautiful than others. There is a certain balance between these two qualities for those who may want to learn them. If you … Continue reading

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Learn About Irish Native Speakers and Standardized Irish Language (Ep. 17) [Re-run]

Over the past years, the number of Irish native speakers has dropped considerably. We see this as an extra reason for us to develop the learning tools we currently have, and to encourage as many people as we can to … Continue reading

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Everything You Need to Know about Visiting Ireland (Ep.16) [Re-run]

There are many resources to use when you are planning a new trip. First of all, you need to decide on a destination, then do your research. If the excitement level of travelling to that new country hasn’t diminished after … Continue reading

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Selling Everything You Own and Moving to Ireland (Ep. 15) [Re-run]

Immigration played an important role in the history of Ireland, and it still does. Everything started with an exodus when Irishmen started seeking a better life and left Ireland for the United States. Centuries have passed and things have changed. … Continue reading

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Talking about Irish Pronunciation and Dialects (Ep. 14) [Re-run]

While learning Irish Gaelic can give you one of the best feelings ever, we do agree that it’s not the easiest language to learn. Because of that, we’re sure you’ll have a lot of questions. Maybe you’re reading some Irish … Continue reading

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