Member Interviews

Member Interview: Gaeilge gach lá le Bridget

Gabrielle chatted to Bitesize Irish member Bridget in New Zealand about her language learning journey so far – why she started learning and how she uses Bitesize Pobal to practice Gaeilge Gach Lá!

Being an Ambassador For Gaeilge!

Many people seek Gaeilge before they’ve ever set foot on the island of Ireland, they use it as their nasc (connection) to their ancestry. For Seattle high school teacher Ann Marie, however, it was a trip to Ireland for her birthday in 2016 that started her journey diving into her heritage. Thanks to the world-wide …

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Learning Gaeilge for Connection

You may have heard the seanfhocal “Is fearr Gaeilge bhriste ná Béarla cliste” – broken Irish is better than clever English. This is one of Bitesize Member Joe’s mantra’s as he travels on his Irish language journey. He takes each lesson at a time and sees learning Gaeilge as marathon not a sprint to connect …

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