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Learning the Irish language for the Pure Pleasure of Learning It

We’ve mentioned this a few times on our blog and Facebook page. You don’t need Irish heritage to learn the Irish language. Although people with heritage will have a better chance of mastering Irish Gaelic, that doesn’t mean that heritage … Continue reading

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Discover an Animated Cartoon Series Using the Irish Language & Culture

You’ve got used to our Bitesize Irish Gaelic interviews where we showcase some of the Bitesize member’s stories, but today we have planned a different kind of interview. We’re going to meet Thomas O’Briant who uses the Irish language to … Continue reading

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Learning Irish Gaelic to Fill in the Blanks

Should you learn Irish Gaelic if you were born in Ireland or you have Irish heritage? You should, but only if you want to. You don’t want to learn Irish if it’s not something to do. Making it a chore will make … Continue reading

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Learning Irish and Moving to Ireland

Ireland is a great destination for tourist from all over the World, but for many other people, it’s more than that. If you take a look at the country’s history and the immigration patterns, you may think that people change … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Choose Irish, Irish Chose Me

Did you ever find yourself attracted to something without knowing why? For example, some people start painting as a hobby in their 40s and soon discover they are actually good at it. Isn’t it amazing to discover something you’re really … Continue reading

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It’s Up To Us To Keep The Irish Language Alive

If we were to sit down and think about how to keep the Irish language alive, we’d probably come up with many great ideas of how to do it. But can we do them? It looks clear and simple when … Continue reading

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The Irish Spirit Lives Somewhere Beyond Time and Space

If there’s something we understood after all these years developing Bitesize Irish Gaelic, is that the Irish spirit is somehow bigger than time and space put together. Wouldn’t it be easier to live your life not caring about your heritage, … Continue reading

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Discover Your Irish Heritage by Learning Irish Gaelic

If we were to take a few moments and dig through the United States’ history, we would surely find many Irishmen that were essential in transforming the country in its current form. There’s no secret that many Irish people left Ireland … Continue reading

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How Does Irish Gaelic Help You Reconnect to Your Irish Heritage?

In a previous blog post, we said that you don’t need Irish ancestry to learn Irish Gaelic. While this is still we believe in, we also have to give credit where credit is due. After years and years of helping … Continue reading

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Do You Need Irish Ancestry To Learn Irish Gaelic?

We’re really happy how the Bitesize Irish Gaelic community has developed over the years. Whenever we’re creating new tools or courses, we’re always asking the community to find out what the Irish Gaelic learners need the most.

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