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Irish Gaelic Grammar 101 | Lenition

Let’s learn what lenition is! Here is another instalment in our grammar series. This series focuses on helping you crack the code of the basics of Irish Gaelic grammar.  Lenition, also called aspiration, is known in Irish as séimhiú: séimhiú /shay-voo/lenition, aspiration Its function is to make speaking easier and also to make sentences more …

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The Peril of the Irish Language

Sometimes we should remind ourselves of how much or a marginal language the Irish language is in Ireland.  This all depends on your perspective. My overall view is highly positive: there’s a huge energy and spirit among Irish language speakers (read more below). It’s certainly not a “dead” or extinct language. 

Dear Bitesize: How do I get the hang of guttural sounds?

I’m finding it quite difficult to pronounce the guttural sounds found in Irish words, such as in “Dia dhuit”. How do I learn to easily get my tongue around these? Don’t worry, those guttural sounds that are a result of lenition in Irish Gaelic can take some time to get a hang of.

Dear Bitesize: Irish Gaelic in Louth and How to Say “Have a Good Day”

In today’s Dear Bitesize post, I’m answering two questions that came in recently to Bitesize Irish Gaelic. The first learner asked if we know anything about dialect of Irish spoken in Co. Louth. Another Irish language learner wished to know how to say “have a good day” in Irish Gaelic.