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Cheat sheets for Irish language learners

Phrases for Social Media Cheat Sheet

Embark on a journey through the digital realm with our cheat sheet. From influencers to hashtags, we’ve got you covered with essential key phrases for your online life. The Screen Age Module The free cheat sheet is based on our members-only module “The Screen Age”, which is part of our Siúlach Scéalach course. It’s available […]

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Counties of Ireland Cheat Sheet

Take a trip around Ireland. In this cheat sheet from Bitesize Irish, you get to learn the name of each of the 32 counties of Ireland.  The cheat sheet includes phonetic pronunciation of the Irish language names of the counties, so that you can pronounce them approximately. Become a Foundations member of Bitesize Irish to access

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An Modh Coinníollach Cheat Sheet

Are you an Irish language enthusiast? At some point you’ll get to An Modh Coinníollach, the conditional tense or “Conditional Mood”. This lets you express yourself in the Irish language about things that you would do.  Conditional Tense – More Info This is a topic that tends to fill learners with dread, in particular the

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noun Gender cheat sheet

Nouns in the Irish language change depending on context, and they can change quite a bit! This can be frustrating for learners of the Irish language. In this cheat sheet, you’ll learn how to recognize a noun’s gender in the Irish language. More Info It’s important to the know the gender of a noun, so

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A Guide to Gossiping Cheat sheet

There’s nothing more authentic than…. gossiping in the Irish language 🤫 But seriously, there’s a lot to learn in the depths of gossiping. Here’s a free PDF cheat sheet for your by Bitesize Irish, as we launch this week a new module of our “Siúlach Scéalach” course for Explore and Grow members. More info Go

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Quick guide to numbers cheat sheet

Following on from our Guide to Numbers cheat sheet for Irish language learners, we’ve condensed the info into one sheet. Download the free PDF below. More info This shareable cheat sheet is a quick reference tool with examples of counting in the Irish language across four different forms: The cheat sheet contains a notes section:

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