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Break it down for me

AMC’s Mad Men TV series

Tonight, we watched three episodes of Mad Men. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a TV series centered around a marketing agency in the 1960s. I bought Saša a season of it on DVD for Christmas. I also like to watch it (how convenient!).

It’s a good show, and I’m quite enthralled by it. I’ll happily sit down and watch a couple of episodes of it for a relaxing night in.

Maybe you get the same kick out of watching CSI, or 24, or whatever your favorite show is.

Movies are a different story with me. Sitting down to watch a whole movie feels like a time investment, even if I’m already pretty sure that I’ll enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, there’s movies out there that I really enjoy watching, but chances are I’ll get a bit bored in the middle and think “oh, another hour of this to go”.

Let me put it like this. If there was a Mad Men movie series, I wouldn’t happily watch one each night.

This reminded me of our approach with the Irish Gaelic lessons on Bitesize Irish Gaelic. Of course you can tell by their name that they come in bitesize chunks. Each lesson is enough for you to learn something new each time, but not too much so as to make you bored half way through.

You could face into trying to finish off a full chapter of some workbook grammar exercises, but I’ll bet you’ll find it easier finishing off two bitesize lessons instead. There’s the sense of achievement without too much investment, and it won’t put you off doing another one straight away.

Anyway, that’s my favorite way of approaching things. How about you?

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2 thoughts on “Break it down for me”

  1. Suggestion for new lessons

    Put your logo behind you as you speak and wear a shirt with it on. That logo was well developed and also tells who you are. It might help promote site and make it more colorful
    You folks are doing a great job, the value for the dollar/euro is great.
    On cost, very reasonable, unless our congress reduces vets benefits. But I find myself going back alot for review.