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Boost Your Irish Learning Experience with Premium Video Content (For Free!)

Boost Your Irish Learning Experience with Premium Video Content article

If you’re reading this blog post, it probably means that you’re on a very-worthy journey of learning the Irish language. You may be just starting, or maybe you’re somewhere further down the line in this fascinating journey of knowledge, but you’re stuck. Wherever you are in this learning adventure, there’s a sure way to boost your Irish Gaelic learning experience by using premium video content.When you’re younger, you learn things a certain way, but as you get older, that method seems to help you less every time. Not being able to learn as you did when you were younger doesn’t mean you can’t learn a new language when you’re older – you just have to adapt.

That’s where video content comes to help.

Learning Irish Gaelic shouldn’t be a difficult task if you learn how to immerse yourself in the language. Watching our premium video content (for free!) will help you to do just that. Video, just like audio is another tool you can use to learn something new. That’s why we’re giving away for free premium video content from our Bitesize Beo event we held in March 2017.

You can boost your Irish Learning efforts by watching over 2 hours of paid video content, for free. You don’t have to pay anything – it’s yours to watch and use as you see fit.

Premium video content? What’s that?

A few months ago we organised a paid, live video event to help you make the Irish language part of your everyday life, regardless of your current level of Irish. It was called Bitesize Beo, and it featured live presentations, community questions, and passionate Irish speakers (native and people who learned the language and now want to help you learn it as well).

That sounds great! Take me there.

As we said above, the videos are free for you to watch. You will be able to download every speaker’s notes and presentations to learn even more.

Sign-up for Bitesize Videos here. Yes, it’s free.

The videos are easy to understand, and they’re structured in a way, so you have time to watch each one, rewind if you want.

By signing up to the Bitesize Beo premium video content, for free, you’ll have a chance to get a super motivation boost to continue your Irish language journey, feel the community, because you’ll see that others are on the same journey as you, and of course, move forward with your Irish language learning efforts.

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