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Bitesize Irish Gaelic Interview on Raidió na Gaeltachta

Bitesize Irish Gaelic Interview on national radio

We’ve mentioned the national Irish radio station quite a few times in our blog posts. For people who want to learn Irish, listening to the Irish radio is a great way to immerse themselves in the Irish language and try to catch any words or phrases they may have learned in their free time.

A week ago, on their radio show called Cormac ag a Cúig, they interviewed Eoin – the founder of Bitesize Irish Gaelic. The radio interview offers great insights for those who want to know how Bitesize was born, where are our members from and what gets them interested in the Irish language.

The radio interview is in Irish language and depending on your Irish level you can use it to immerse yourself in the Irish language or test your Irish language skills by trying to understand the topics of the discussion.

If you already understand the Irish language, you’ll have the chance to learn how the Bitesize Irish Gaelic company is run and how remote people can help run the business. Irish people will also have the opportunity to understand how they can start unique businesses online: start by sharing value and asking questions.

Tell us what you think about our interview on Raidió na Gaeltachta. Use the comments section below.

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