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Bitesize Irish Gaelic site improvement: fixed how your name is displayed

This is a minor update. Up until now, signing up for a free trial for learning Irish on Bitesize Irish Gaelic had a mistake.

If you had entered your name with a síneadh fada (one of those accents marks), like:


… we were mistakenly showing a nasty accent problem on your account like:


This is now fixed. If you haven’t already taken our free trial, take the free trial now in the safe knowledge that we won’t mess up your name.

1 thought on “Bitesize Irish Gaelic site improvement: fixed how your name is displayed”

  1. Caitlín Walsh

    Caitlín Walsh Download Your Ebook
    is what it said instead of the Caitlín Walsh fada over second í, as a matter of fact I can’t even type it, using alt plus number pad method here.. I had to copy and paste..
    I see all the bugs are not out of the nasty accent problem..

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