10 thoughts on “Being Bitesize is Beautiful”

  1. I LOVE the “smallness” of Bitesize! (But I didn’t realize you were so spread out and global!) When I was thinking about using Bitesize lessons for myself and my home schooled teenage daughter, Eoin actually telephoned me from Ireland to discuss it. Of COURSE I signed up! Between that phone call and the podcasts, I feel like I know you personally! Same goes for Ana, wit whom I’ve exchanged emails. Love the Bitesize family!

  2. Ana has been wonderful trying to help me ,but I’ve had terrible trouble over almost two years with access to the wonderful lessons being stopped and with being bombarded by applications for a “free” trial.

  3. Hi Eoin and the rest of Bitesize team

    Dia Dhuit

    It’s great to hear about who’s involved and where they’re from and what the different roles there are. I’m loving learning Irish through Bitesize Irish Gaelic but I’m also impressed at the online business itself – it’s a genuine, successful website business. I think some of the important factors that make it successful are that it promotes a community feel and has inspirational podcasts that broaden the language to the culture of music, poetry, writing, travel, Irish culture generally, and – my favorite – ancient and medieval Irish culture and language and folklore!

    Well done guys and keep going!

    Slán go fóill 🙂

    1. Hi Neasa, I saw your post. I have been interested in the ancient Irish Culture for a few years, which includes folklore and more. It’s nice to discover someone who has the same interest. Thank you!

  4. I must confess I have been a bit disorganized in my learning program…. 🙁
    But that’s nice to know the names of the Bitesize team…. I really like to feel I am talking to people, and people from everywhere! (normally, we tend to forget that… because we are facing a screen!)
    That’s nice to know!
    I’d love to see peoples pictures, to match the names! 😀

  5. I tried Rosetta Stone; I was very upset. I am seriously considering your lessons. I am learning Irish from a teach yourself book. I have been learning vocabulary and grammar for the past six months. After learning this, I want to be able to reinforce it with pronunciation. This is why I am considering your lessons. Thank you so much! I am amazed at the support system you have.

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