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This is what a beautiful Irish Summer’s day looks like in the Gaeltacht

Conor Pass
Conor Pass
Beautiful Irish summer’s day on the Conor Pass, Dingle peninsula.

That’s it above. Irish Summer in late July.

I should be more specific, though. Co. Kerry/Co. Chiarraí is sticking out into the Atlantic ocean. It gets a lot of weather like this.

Why should you visit Kerry? It’s one of the top tourist spots in Ireland. You’ll also be able to hear the Irish language spoken there. The Gaeltacht is the name for such areas.

The Dingle Peninsula/Corca Dhuibhne

Conor Pass, Dingle Peninsula
Climbing up to Pedlar’s Lake, on the Conor Pass.

We had some friend visiting from Slovenia, so this was the perfect place to bring them. The Dingle Peninsula features the Conor Pass/An Chonair. You get to do some climbing, like us going up to Pedlar’s lake (above).

At the top of the Conor Pass, is the sign below. Dingle town is twinned with sunnier places:

Sister city
Daingean Uí Chúise twinned with Santa Barbara

Dingle/An Daingean/Daingean Uí Chúise

There has been a bit of controversy over what Dingle town should be officially called – whether it should be named in English or in the Irish language. We’ll call Dingle as An Daingean from now on, as we are all about learning the Irish language!

An Daingean is a town on the sea:

Dingle harbour
The fishing boats in the Dingle harbour.
Dingle harbour sign
The harbour sign in Dingle
Dingle main street
Dingle main street

Irish Language Around Town

There are lots of Irish Gaelic signs to be seen around An Daingean:

Tábhairne agus Bialann - Irish language
Tábhairne agus bialann means “pub and restaurant”.
Fáilte go dtí
“Fáilte go dtí” means “welcome to” in the Irish language.
Bréagáin shop in Dingle
“Bréagáin” means “Toys” in Irish Gaelic.
Gaelainn is Fáilte
Gaelainn is Fáilte

Gaelainn” above is a different local name for the Irish langauge. The standard name is Gaeilge.

The sticker says:

  • “Ag Foghlaim” (Learning)
  • “Cúpla Focal” (A couple of words)
  • “Seo Leat!” (Here you go!)

Last Tip: Go here and practice your Irish with the barman!

Find O’Flaherty’s/Ua Flaithbheartaigh in An Daingean. There’s lots of spoken Irish to be heard in here. Remember that if you ever intend on visiting Ireland.

O'Flaherty's where Irish language is spoken
Go to O’Flaherty’s to speak Irish with the barman.

(Do you want to learn to speak the Irish language? Sign up for our online lessons, and you’ll get started today.)

30 thoughts on “This is what a beautiful Irish Summer’s day looks like in the Gaeltacht”

  1. These pictures are amazing! I recently decided to trace my ancestry on ancestry.com, and found, pleasantly, my family goes back to County Donegal, Ireland. This led me to a deep desire to learn the Irish language, which I started 3 weeks ago with Rosetta Stone, then added Bitesize to my learning regimen. I cannot wait to come visit Ireland, and hope to be conversational in Irish by then. These pictures make me yearn to see Ireland so badly. Thank you for posting them!

  2. Luis Miguel Diaque

    Ireland rocks… my favorite places are Killarney National Park, Dartry and the Wicklow Mountains. Is mian liom go Eirinn taisteal.

      1. Luis Miguel Diaque

        You haven’t been to Wicklow? You should make a trip sometime, every picture I have seen is absolutely gorgeous. I myself love the mountains. I lived in Colorado for many years in the shadow of the great Rocky Mountains and also in New Mexico by the Sandia Mountains; spent many days climbing. An mhaith leat sleibhte a dreap?

        1. Is maith liom sléibhte a dhreapadh!

          There’s a nice hill quite near to Limerick called Keeper Hill. It’s nice in that it’s not too tough, but it is a good walk. There’s also Croagh Patrick, for example, which was interesting, especially with really heavy rain up there.

          I’ll have to pay Cill Mhantáin a better visit.

  3. Absolutely beautiful, i have thought about this trip for a long time … you have just convinced me to do it. towards the end of August i will take afew days off my UK trip to spent in your beautiful country and share the MAGIC. I cannot wait. Thank you for Sharing.

    1. You will wish you had more than a couple days. I was there for two weeks last year, driving the whole time to different places, and it wasn’t long enough. Next year I am going for three weeks. You will love it no matter how long you’re there. Enjoy!

  4. Kathleen Fahey Horton

    Dear Eoin,
    It was interesting to learn that An Daingean is twined with Santa Barbara, CA. It is a beautiful city on the Pacific Ocean in southern California. Did you know that at this time of the year and through the summer Santa Barbara has fog much of the day?! Perhaps that explains their “twining”. We live in northern CA in the San Francisco area. SF, too, experiences fog during the summer but not the winter.

    1. Kathleen, thanks for dropping by. Oh, we did see the fog in Santa Monica last October. Santa Barbara was very sunny, but I can imagine how the fog comes in from the sea too.

  5. Your Boston friend, Joan

    Well, I tell you, Eoin and Sasa, that a friend of mine just returned from her 1st trip to Ireland and emailed me a picture of Dingle with a bright, clear, sunny sky. I hardly recognized the place! That cool, mystical, gray overcast that gives me the feeling of Ireland was entirely missing! Your photos of downtown Dingle and the Connor Pass are giving me hunger pains for another trip. I did practice a bit of my Irish there in Curran’s and had a couple of very good Irish coffees in Benner’s, not to mention some intimate conversation in the authentic snug in Dick Mack’s. Nice memories. When are you coming to Beantown?

    1. That sunny Dingle photo must have been Photoshopped! 😉

      Sher, no immediate plans for Beantown, but we can never rule it out!

  6. I am not Irish, but I love all things Irish. I visited twice last year (2011)’ and I just purchased my ticket for another trip in September. I travel alone and make lots of new friends each visit.

    1. Wow, that’s lots of travelling. Seems like you’re hooked! Did you come in contact with the Irish language while visiting here?

  7. All the Picture’s were lovely, and I can’t wait to be in Ireland. Myself, Mother, grandson and friend will be there on the 1st. of Sept. Thank you for everything! Dawn

  8. This is a great post – like a wee vacation. I want to visit, but I’m a sunshine girl at heart. I think all the fog and mist would drive me to sleep my life away. 😉

  9. The fog and rain are second nature to me as I’m in Cornwall…Cornwall is beautiful but my heart remains in Ireland. I have never seen the Conor Pass without fog and rain! but have seen Co Kerry in the sunshine and there is no other place that I have ever been that compares to the beauty I saw there.

  10. Hi, it is very beautiful. I have to say I love everything about Ireland. My husbands comes from Castletowbere on the Beqra peninsula and you can’t get any colder than down there. I think I was Irish in my past life as it in my blood. It is our winter here in Brisbane and we are having 23dgr days. But it is not as green as there. Love it.

  11. Delightful. Gave me a giggle too, as I work in Santa Barbara, the sistertown, and live only 30 miles south of it. Although fog is very much a part of our summer life as well!

  12. Despite the fog it is lovely. I last visited the Dingle peninsula in 2003- we are over due for a return trip!

    With 100+ temps and nearly 90% humidity here I’m begging for a day cool enough to wear a jacket!

  13. Caitríona Ni Mhuirgheasa

    I last went to Ireland in 2000. This area is so beautiful and mystical that there are no words to describe it! My dream is to relocate to this area of Ireland.

  14. You’re making me homesick! I’ll be back there at the weekend. And, apparently, the weather back west was sunny yesterday. Though you can get rain in Dingle when there’s sunshine in Ballyferriter. And vice versa.

  15. Margaret Overton

    These are great photos. Thanks for sending them. It has been 103 degrees here, so that lovely summer day does, indeed, look lovely!

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