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Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Christmas may be over, but winter still has a firm grip on most of the Northern Hemisphere.

If, like me, you’re sitting by the fire and waiting for spring, how about getting some mind work done by learning some words and phrases appropriate to the season?

Talking about the weather

The weather is a common topic in Ireland (as they say, if you don’t like it, wait ten minutes…it will change!). Here are some ways to talk about wintery weather in Irish (Bitesize members will also want to take a look at our lessons on Weather phenomena and  Talking about the weather):

What season is it?


An geimhreadh atá ann (un GAYV-roo uh-TAH on): It’s winter.

What kind of a day is it?


Insert the appropriate word into the sentence below:

Lá ________ atá ann. (Lah _______ uh-TAH on): It’s a _______ day.

Geimhriúil (GAYV-roo-il): Wintery

Fuar (FOO-ur): Cold

Fliuch (Flyukh): Wet

Sneachtúil (SHNAKH-too-il): Snowy

Siocúil (SHUK-oo-il): Frosty

Báistiúil (BAWSH-choo-il): Rainy

Stoirmiúil (STUR-im-yoo-il): Stormy

Oighreata (EYE-ruh-tuh): Icy

Gaofar (G(w)*EE-fur): Windy

Dorcha (DUR-uh-khuh): Dark

*This “w” sound is hinted at in the shape of your lips, but isn’t said as a full “w”

What’s it doing?


Insert the appropriate word into the sentence below:

Tá sé ag cur _____. (Tah shay egg kur _____): It is ______ ing.

Sneachta (SHNAKH-tuh): Snow

Báistí (BAWSH-chee): Rain

What do you think about it?


Insert the appropriate word into whichever sentence suits you:

Is maith liom ______. (Iss my lum _____): I like ______.

Is breá liom ______. (Iss brah lum _____): I love ______.

Is fuath liom ______. (Iss FOO-uh lum _____): I hate ______.

An geimhreadh (un GAYV-roo): The winter

Aimsir gheimhriúil (AM-shir YAY-vroo-il): Wintery weather

An fuacht (un FOO-ukht): The cold

Sneachta (SHNAKH-tuh): Snow

Sioc (Shuk): Frost

Báisteach (BAWSH-chukh): Rain

What would you rather be doing?


You know the drill:

B’fhearr liom bheith  ______. (Bar lum veh  ______): I’d rather be _______ .

Ag súgradh sa sneachta (egg SOO-groo suh SHNAKH-tuh): Playing in the snow.

Ag tógáil fir sneachta (egg TOH-gah-il far SHNAKH-tuh): Building a snowman.

Ag sciáil (egg SHKEE-ah-il): Skiing

Ag scátáil (egg SKAH-tah-il): Skating

Ag sluaisteáil sneachta (egg SLOOSS-chah-il SHNAKH-tuh): Shoveling snow

Or, if you’re like me:

I mo shuí cois tine ag ól fuisce te! (ih muh hee kush CHIN-eh egg ohl FWISH-keh cheh): Sitting by the fireside drinking a hot whiskey!

Stay warm, everybody!

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2 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside!”

  1. The more time I spend reading the daily emails the easier it is for me to read posts like this and more quickly assimilate the information. I like how these phrases are relevant and provide context (and a little humor…). Keep it coming.

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