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2018 is turning out to be a really important year in the history of Bitesize & the Irish language learning community. If you read our newsletters, blog posts, watched our YouTube videos or listened to our Podcast episodes, you noticed a few changes. Today, we’re happy to announce that one of these changes is to […]

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How To Say – “Happy Halloween” in the Irish Language (VIDEO)

How to say “Happy Halloween” in the Irish language. Oíche Shamhna Shona Daoibh /Ee-ha How-na hunna ghweev/ “Daoibh” can also be spelt as it is pronounced above, “dhaoibh.” Alternatively, the word ‘daoibh’ can also be pronounced /deev/. Our modern notion of trick or treating arose from the practice of setting food out in welcome for one’s ancestors on Oíche

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