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We’re Bitesize Irish

2018 is turning out to be a really important year in the history of Bitesize & the Irish language learning community. If you read our newsletters, blog posts, watched our YouTube videos or listened to our Podcast episodes, you noticed a few changes. Today, we’re happy to announce that one of these changes is to …

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How To Say – “Ireland” in Irish (VIDEO)

Wondering how Irish people refer to their country when using the Irish language? Use this Irish pronunciation video and see for yourself.  Can you pronounce it like in the video?

You Don’t Have Enough Time to Learn? (Ep. 79)

Do you feel frustrated on a daily basis that you don’t have more time to learn the Irish language? Maybe it’s not Irish Gaelic, maybe it’s other things that you set up your expectations to do, but it’s not a good enough reason to not spend any time on the things you feel passionate about.

How To Say – “Happy Halloween” in the Irish Language (VIDEO)

How to say “Happy Halloween” in the Irish language. Oíche Shamhna Shona Daoibh /Ee-ha How-na hunna ghweev/ “Daoibh” can also be spelt as it is pronounced above, “dhaoibh.” Alternatively, the word ‘daoibh’ can also be pronounced /deev/. Our modern notion of trick or treating arose from the practice of setting food out in welcome for one’s ancestors on Oíche …

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