Audrey Nickel

Bitesize Lesson Highlight: Professions and Occupations

It’s time for another nibble of Bitesize Irish! From time to time, we’d like to offer you a little taste of what the Bitesize Irish Gaelic on-line learning program has to offer by highlighting one of our lessons. In this highlight, we’ll look at one of our vocabulary lessons: Professions & Occupations.

Donegal Diaries 1: Back to Oideas Gael!

This post is the second in a series about the author’s 2013 trip to Ireland as a recipient of a Gaeltacht Summer Award from the Ireland-United States Commission for Educational Exchange. Q: Why are there so few roller coasters in Ireland? A: They don’t need ’em…they’ve got Bus Éireann!

A Matter of Irish Gender

If you’ve ever studied a language other than English, you know that many languages have something called “grammatical gender.” Irish is no exception. It’s an important concept to get your head around, because a word’s gender tells you how it will behave when it comes in contact with other words.

Jigs and Reels and Hornpipes, Oh My!

So you’re thinking about traveling to Ireland, and one thing you’re really looking forward to is hearing some traditional Irish music…maybe even listening in on a real Irish “trad” session! There’s only one problem…you know absolutely nothing about Irish traditional music (other than that you like it), and you’d like to learn a little bit …

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