Aisling B.

Plural of nouns

In this walkthrough lesson, we will talk about the plural of nouns. In this lesson, I refer to the spelling rule. If this is new to you, you can watch this walkthrough lesson to become familiar with it. Let me know in the comments what you learned and feel free to ask any questions! This is a lesson

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Media and technology

We are all heavily relying on Media and Technology these days! Irish has adopted a lot of English words when it comes to technology expressions, but there are several modern Irish expressions that have nothing to do with their English counterparts This is a lesson walk through of the Bitesize Cúrsaí lesson Media and Technology which is

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Member Interview with Jim

Last week, I had a wonderful chat with our GROW member, Jim. I have never heard someone describe the Irish language quite as poetically and beautifully as he does. Jim grew up in Pennsylvania, and has actually never been to Ireland, although his childhood and upbringing was very Irish. He felt a calling to learn

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Initial Mutations: Eclipsis

An eclipsis or an úrú happens when the sound of a consonant is replaced — or “eclipsed” — by a different sound. This is indicated by writing the new letter or letters in front of the first consonant of the word. These “eclipsing” letters are always written lowercase. b – mb, c – gc, d

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Introducing People

Learn how to introduce an old friend to a new friend in this walk through video. In this 2 part walk through video, I show you what this sample conversation would sound like if it were said by a native speaker, as well as go through some grammar points. Don’t let this overwhelm you, the

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I love it, I hate it

What do you do if you’re in Ireland and someone offers you a cup of coffee… but you hate coffee! You must be able to tell them ‘I don’t like coffee’ or ní maith liom caife. Find out how to say this and much more in our walkthrough lesson. This is a lesson walk through

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Numbers over 20: Counting

Learning how to count is a very important foundation when learning a language. You may have already learned that there are different words in Irish for counting people, and when numbers are followed by a noun. In this lesson, you will learn the numbers over 20 when counting as Gaeilge. This is a lesson walk

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Learn how to say what amenities are available in your city or town. I m’ollscoil, tá ionad fóillíochta mór ar champas(In my university, there is a big leisure centre on campus) Now you try in the comments below! This is a walk through video of our lesson on Amenities, which is part of the bitesize cúrsaí

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