[Re-run] Can Australia spark your interest to learn Irish? (Ep. 01)

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Finding the interest to learn a new language can be close to an epiphany. This feeling you have inside, the desire to learn new things can be triggered by the smallest and unrelated events in your life. The truth is, that hunger for knowledge and learning is always there, you just need a catalyst to help make the first step.

Listen to the first Bitesize Irish Gaelic (English) Podcast episode where Eoin has an open discussion with Liam Ó Briain in Limerick, Ireland.  Liam’s discovered his desire to learn Irish during a trip in Australia and since then he’s also learning more about Irish traditional song and dance.

What sparked your interest to learn Irish?

This is a re-run of the first podcast episode of Bitesize Irish Gaelic in the English language.

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