New at Bitesize: Absolute Beginners Class & Other Updates

2018 is going to be a great year for Bitesize Irish Gaelic and the Irish language learning community. There are a lot of new and exciting updates we’ll be launching this year, including absolute beginners and intermediate classes, new subscription plan, better practicing options for people learning Irish and much more.

Watch the following video in which Eoin talks about these new changes & the timeline for all updates. After you’ve watched the video, please use the comments section on this page and share your thoughts on the updates.

What do you think about the new updates. Use the comments section below and let us know!

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“We don’t sell or spam your details.” – Eoin Ó Conchúir, Founder, Bitesize Irish Gaelic.


  1. David McClain says:

    My monthly payment was not taken out of my card in January? David McClain

  2. Tammie says:

    I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the new beginner’s lessons! This sounds exciting. Glad to hear the personal interaction isn’t going away. Personally I found the timing of receiving the call lesson too close to the time of the call for me to assimilate the info. I just need the extra time. 🙂

  3. Molly Davis says:

    Am excited to learn more about the new Beginners Class as actually trying to have a conversation is so intimidating.

  4. Trevor Cox says:

    This all sounds like a great idea. Zero pressure, but the expectation that chatting in Irish will happen anyway. I think a lot of people need a nice pillowy introduction to actually speaking the language (I know I do!) I’m excited to see that Bitesize Irish Gaelic is still a dynamic company, and look forward to getting a subscription as soon as I can afford it.

  5. A Eoin,

    Aontaím na hathruithe ar an gclár seo. Caithfidh mé níos mó cleachtais ag leibhéal idirmheánach.
    Dea-ádh leis,


    Ceist amháin a bheadh ​​ann, scríobh Ana in Gaeilic nuair a chuirtear ceisteanna ar droch-Ghaeilic?

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