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A Guide to Gossiping Cheat sheet

There’s nothing more authentic than…. gossiping in the Irish language đŸ€«

But seriously, there’s a lot to learn in the depths of gossiping. Here’s a free PDF cheat sheet for your by Bitesize Irish, as we launch this week a new module of our “SiĂșlach ScĂ©alach” course for Explore and Grow members.

Free Shareable Cheat Sheet

The PDF cheat sheet is published under a Creative Commons license. Please share with your fellow lovers of Gaeilge.

No opt-in required.

More info

  • The first page of the cheat sheet deals with phrases with “independent forms” like “according to”, and “apparently”.
  • The second page of the cheat sheet for Irish language learners has phrases with “dependent forms”, like “X says this”, and “I’ve heard”.
  • The third page adds more useful phrases for Irish language learners.

Go Deeper Along Your Irish Language Journey

This cheat sheet is based on the new module “The News Today” in the course “SiĂșlach ScĂ©alach”, available this Friday to our Explore and Grow members.

Sign up as an Explore or GROW member to continue your Irish language journey.

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