A Children’s Poem – “Bábóg Shíle” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Reading poems as a child helps your brain to develop. It sparks your imagination and boosts your understanding of your surroundings. There are many ways through which children can start learning and reading poems. 

  • The child can read it on his own – helps him learn faster.
  • The parents can read the poem – strengthening the bond between them.
  • The child and parent can read the poem together – resulting in a mix of the above.

We’re not children psychologist, but we have a lot of recommendations when it comes to Irish children poems. There are many reasons why you’d like to read Irish Gaelic poems to your kid: to spark his curiosity, to allow him to interact with another language, to make him aware of his Irish heritage, etc.

We’re going to mix our Irish Gaelic pronunciation videos with children’s poem recommendations. Here’s the first Irish Gaelic poem. Check the video description or look below the video player, on this page, to see the poem in Irish and English.

A Children’s Poem “Bábóg Shíle” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

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A Children’s Poem “Bábóg Shíle” in Irish Gaelic

Tá bábóg ag Síle
/Taw baw-bohg egg Shee-la/
Is í gléasta go deas
/Iss ee glay-sta guh jass/
Faoi ghúna breá síoda
/Fwee ghoona brah she-uda/
Agus cóta beag glas.
/Ah-guss koh-ta byug gloss/

Is aoibhinn le Síle
/Iss eev-inn leh Shee-la/
Í a chur ina suí
/Ee ah khwur in-ah see/
Is a gruaig geal a chíoradh
/Iss ah grew-ig gyal ah khee-ra/
Sula dtéann sí a luí.
/Suh-la jayn she ah lee/

Tá cion mór ag Síle
/Taw kyun mohr egg Shee-la/
Ar a bábóigín féin;
/Air ah baw-bohg-een hayn/
Codlaíonn siad le chéile
/Kud-leen sheed leh khay-luh/
Gach oíche den bhliain
/Gokh ee-ha jen vlee-in/


Sheila has a doll
And she is nicely dressed
In a fine silk dress
And a small green coat

Sheila loves
to sit her down
And to comb her bright blonde hair
before she goes to bed

Sheila is very fond
Of her own little doll
They sleep together
Every night of the year

From https://comhaltas.ie/education/comhra/danta

Dia duit! Siobhán here from Bitesize Irish Gaelic. I speak a Connaught dialect.

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