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What Does it Mean to Be an Irish Language Enthusiast?

People have their reasons for learning a new language. Some will learn it because they want to get a better job or they are planning to move to a new country. When looking back at our experience and amazing feedback from the community, we can say for sure that the reason why someone will learn a language

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Don’t drive in Ireland, Electric-Bike it

On our podcast, we’ve previously discussed whether you should rent a car or take a tour bus when visiting Ireland. The overwhelming answer was: drive, because it gives you the freedom to see Ireland at your own pace. Related posts: This is what a beautiful Summer’s day looks like in Ireland: 2012 Edition Holiday in

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Dear Bitesize: Audio Resources and How To Say “Have”

In today’s Dear Bitesize post, I’m answering two questions that came in recently to Bitesize Irish Gaelic. The first learner wanted to know the which resources are available to hear more Irish Gaelic. Another Irish language learner wished to know more about the peculiar way of expressing having in Irish. Related posts: Crack Irish pronunciation

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Irish Language News, February 2018

Great news for Irish language learners & enthusiasts! We’re starting a new type of monthly blog posts focused on the latest news regarding Irish Gaelic & other things of interest. We know it’s hard to keep track of these things, you don’t have the time to search for it yourself or you don’t really know

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Share Your Love on Valentine’s Day Using Irish Gaelic

People have different ways of showing love on Valentine’s Day. Some people think this day is just an excuse for retailers to sell more, others don’t mind buying gifts for this occasion, while others see it as an opportunity to share their love. It doesn’t really matter in which category you find yourself, as long

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Dear Bitesize: Different Ways of Saying “You” and the Letter “A”

In today’s Dear Bitesize post, I’m answering two questions that we recently received at Bitesize Irish Gaelic. First of all, one learner wanted to know the difference between the two words in Irish Gaelic which means you.  Another Irish language learner wished to know how the letter a is pronounced. Related posts: Dear Bitesize: too many

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The Irish Heritage Fuels the Desire to Learn Irish Gaelic

If you’re going to browse our blog and especially our Bitesize Irish Gaelic member interviews, you’ll notice that we’re strong believers that having an Irish heritage isn’t mandatory if you want to learn the Irish language. With that being said, we do agree that the process of learning Irish Gaelic and one’s Irish heritage are

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Make Yourself Comfortable with Learning Irish Gaelic

One of Bitesize’s success secrets is that we have an active & enthusiastic community of people learning Irish Gaelic and interested in Ireland’s culture, and history. That’s why we’re featuring their interviews on our blog – it’s a great resource for people who are undecided or have fears of starting to learn the Irish language

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Is There a Best Time to Learn Irish Gaelic?

One of the biggest problems that Irish learners have is that they don’t have the time to study. Others may encounter an issue where they schedule learning time, but don’t get to it due to unplanned events. If you find yourself in these situations, don’t worry – the Bitesize Irish Gaelic lessons are created specifically

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Videos: How to Say in Irish Gaelic

How To Say – “Wake up” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

This Irish pronunciation video will teach you how to say “Wake up!” using the Irish language. Related posts: How To Say – “Peace” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO) How To Say – St. Patrick’s Breastplate “Lúireach Phádraig” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO) How To Say – “Water” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO) How To Say – I Love


How To Say – Husband and Wife in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Watch our weekly Irish pronunciation video and learn how to say “husband” and “wife” using the Irish language. Related posts: How To Say – “Burrito” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO) How To Say – Girl Names in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO) – Part 2 How To Say – “War” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO) How To Say –


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