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Cheat Sheets

Siúl vs Súil cheat sheet

The pronunciation of Irish language words can be tough to get right. By focussing in on a common example, you can learn to distinguish the different sounds. In the free shareable cheat sheet below by Bitesize Irish, you’ll get to learn about siúl and súil in the Irish language: Free Shareable Cheat Sheet The PDF

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Irish Pronunciation Videos

How to say Facial Features in Irish

Let’s learn some Irish words for facial features and learn how to pronounce them. First of all, the most commonly used words for the head are: ceann /kyow-in/ and cloigeann /klih-gunn/ On the front of our head we have the face, and the two most commonly used Irish words for face are: aghaidh /eye-igg/ and

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Live Q&As

Bitesize Irish in 2022: A Walk-Through

Watch the recording of Ben, Emma and Eoin of Bitesize Irish walk you through Bitesize Irish in 2022. If you’re looking to embark on your Irish language journey with us, you’re surely curious of what’s inside. Watch our walkthrough and an explanation of our membership plans.

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Cheat Sheets

An Aimsir Chaite – Past Tense cheat sheet

Telling stories is an important part of any language – it could be talking about your weekend, reminiscing about schooldays, telling a joke or breaking down what happened in the latest episode of a TV show. Stories are also a great opportunity for us to develop both our receptive and productive language skills. In our

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Gaeilge Gach Lá

Listen! Which Irish language Dialect is this??

Listen to Cainteoir 1 (“Speaker 1”) reading the following paragraph as Gaeilge: Which dialect is this speaker speaking in? Leave a reply below with your guess 🙂 Here’s what the speaker is saying: An áit is ansa liom ná teach mo sheantuismitheoirí in aice na farraige. Feirm a bhí ann, agus d’fhásadh m’athair mór na

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Member Interviews

“Even a word of Irish brings memories flooding back”

John / Seán talks about his Irish language journey in Hangzhou, China, far from his hometown of Limerick. He’s a teacher, and also a successful musician. He wants to be able to speak the Irish language fluently and naturally. As a young teen, he spent summers down in Ceann Trá (Ventry) in County Kerry. Having

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