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Dear Bitesize: The Origins of the Irish Gaelic Days of the Week

One of the most appreciated features of Bitesize Irish Gaelic is the member support we provide. A member is part of the Irish learning community, so not necessarily a paying member. We receive a handful of questions about the Irish language on a daily basis and we’re more than happy to reply, so you can

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What’s New at Bitesize Irish Gaelic

Learning the Irish language is easier if you have someone to practice. We acknowledged this issue over than a year ago and started working towards building a strong community with online practice tools.  Related posts: Exciting New Quiz Feature for the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Online Course Discover the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Quizzes We’re Bitesize Irish

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What’s Holding You Back From Learning the Irish Language?

A few weeks ago we launched a new tool to help you strengthen the connection to your Irish heritage by making it easier to start learning the Irish language. What’s holding you back from learning the Irish language? Related posts: WOOP My Irish Language (Ep. 75) Take the Next Step in Learning Irish This St.

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Dear Bitesize: How do I get the hang of guttural sounds?

I’m finding it quite difficult to pronounce the guttural sounds found in Irish words, such as in “Dia dhuit”. How do I learn to easily get my tongue around these? Don’t worry, those guttural sounds that are a result of lenition in Irish Gaelic can take some time to get a hang of. Related posts:

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Bitesize’s Free Tools to Learn Irish Gaelic

The Bitesize Irish Gaelic online course is helping hundreds of people to strengthen the connection to their Irish heritage through learning Irish Gaelic every day. We specifically designed the online course for people to learn at their own pace and we provided them with the best tools in doing so. But, did you know we

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Bitesize Member Interviews

Take On the Challenge of Practicing Irish with Locals

Many members of our enthusiastic community see Irish as a strange but beautiful language. Learn it may have its ups and downs, but if you see it as a way of improving yourself, and not as a chore, you will see progress with every Irish lesson. Related posts: The Secrets to Practicing Irish Gaelic Every

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The Irish Language – Strange but Beautiful

People who start learning Irish do it because they have a connection to the Irish language, they’re interested in the Irish history or fascinated by Irish culture, including music, poetry and art. Many of these people encountered the Irish language before and saw it as a strange but beautiful language. Related posts: The Very Worthy Goal

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9 Pieces of Advice to Enhance your Irish Learning Process

There are 3 stages of learning Irish. Related posts: Enjoy the Journey of Learning Irish Gaelic Community Advice: Irish Language Learning Tactics Learning Irish In Small Regular Pieces Really Works (Ep.36) [Re-run] Stuck while Learning Irish Gaelic? Listen to this advice (Ep. 47) [Re-run]

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Videos: How to Say in Irish Gaelic

How To Say – “Ireland” in Irish (VIDEO)

Wondering how Irish people refer to their country when using the Irish language? Use this Irish pronunciation video and see for yourself.  Can you pronounce it like in the video? Related posts: Tea and Grammar – Part 3: Prepositions How To Say – “Yesterday” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO) How to Count People (personal numbers) in


How To Say – “Congratulations” in Irish (VIDEO)

The process of learning the Irish language isn’t an easy one. That’s one extra reason for us to congratulate you for signing up for this amazing journey.  Related posts: How To Say – “Well Done” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO) How To Say – “Yesterday” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO) How To Say – Please in Irish


Video: How To Say “An bhfaca tú mo Shéamaisín?” a Famous Song in Irish Gaelic

If  you’re familiar to the famous Irish song “An bhfaca tú mo Shéamaisín?”, you will be pleased to know that we added to our weekly Irish language pronunciation videos playlist! Related posts: VIDEO: How To Say “Óró, ‘sé do bheatha ‘bhaile” (Famous Irish Song) How To Say – “Burrito” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO) A Children’s Poem


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