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Irish Pronunciation Videos

how to say the names of five irish wildflowers

Lets learn the Irish names of five types of beautiful flower that grow wild in the fields and forests of Ireland! 1. Daisy First up is daisy. The Irish for daisy is nóinín /noh-in-een/. The ox-eye daisy is known as nóinín mór /noh-in-een moor/ (‘big daisy’). Another well-known member of the daisy faimily is the sunflower. In Irish

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Learning Resources

Our Top Irish Language Proverbs

“Seanfhocail” are proverbs in the Irish language. Literally, that means “old words”, pointing to the ages that these proverbs have survived. I’m sure some are older than others. A good start is half the work There’s a good reason why the name of the fundamental Irish language course for Bitesize Irish members is called Tús

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Cheat Sheets

Asking Questions in Irish Cheat Sheet

Asking questions can be surprisingly tricky in the Irish language. In this cheat sheet, we give you the key structure for asking different type of questions in Irish. That’s the best way to connect with people through the language. Asking Questions Reference Pack The free cheat sheet is based on our members-only module “Asking Questions”,

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Live Q&As

How To Ask Questions in irish

Niall & Ben gave pointers on how to form your questions in Irish confidently and effectively. Niall described the new ‘Asking Questions In Irish’ course module on the Bitesize learning platform, and walked us through the free to download cheat-sheet that he put together to accompany the launch! Janine asked if there Is a standard format to building

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Irish Pronunciation Videos

How to say No Pain, No Gain in irish

Let’s learn how to say the expression no pain, no gain in Irish. The term for proverb in Irish is seanfhocal /shan-uk-ull/, and we have two of these that roughly correspond to the meaning of the saying no pain, no gain in English. Each of them contains just four words, and each of them rhymes! The first of

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