Bitesize Beo Mór 2023

Free Irish language practice sessions for learners

For Seachtain na Gaeilge. Le grá ó Bitesize Irish.

Book your Free place (max one session per person)

⏳Places are limited to 15 attendees per session
✔ Max one session per person
🕖 Time: 19:00 (Dublin, Ireland time)
💻Takes place on Zoom with breakout rooms
📄Conversation script provided

1. Monday 6th March 2023

2. Tuesday 7th March 2023

3. Wednesday 8th March 2023

Sold out!

4. Thursday 9th March 2023

Sold out!

5. Friday 10th March 2023

Sold out!

Ideally, you’re already learning to speak the Irish language, or coming back to Irish.

Since this is a scripted conversation in the format of our Bitesize Beo sessions (for our Grow members), it gives you a chance to practice a conversation regardless of your current abilities.

Our Grow members at Bitesize Irish have weekly conversation practice sessions called Bitesize Beo. Our unique approach is scripted conversation practice, featuring every-day Irish. Sessions are facilitated by a fluent Irish language instructor. Bitesize Beo is your chance to regularly practice your Irish with others.

Our motto is Gaeilge Gach Lá (Irish every day)! We’ve been helping thousands of learners become practitioners of the Irish language through daily learning and practice. We have hundreds of members, from Ireland and worldwide. We believe in self-paced learning, and listening to your internal curiosity.

Take our easy Where to Start Quiz to find your best option on what to do next with Bitesize Irish.

Sure, leave a comment below, or contact us.

Bitesize Beo is available to members

Weekly scripted conversation practice sessions held for Grow members of Bitesize Irish. Monthly basic conversation practice for Explore members. Start your Irish language journey:

10 thoughts on “Bitesize Beo Mór”

  1. Is anyone else interested in access to more of our Bitesize Beo scripts used for conversation practice sessions with our members? If so, please reply saying how it would help you. 💚

  2. I was too slow on the uptake for this as was not sure if I would be free. Was wondering can you still send on the scripted conversations to me. I have started to relearn Irish again after 30 years since I last did it at school. Its amazing how much I still remember, all I have to do is try and pull it from the very back of my mind. You hear a word and that opens the door to some more that were hiding. Slowly working my way through your lessons. Its a great course.

  3. Janine Magidman

    I’d love to participate, sadly I’m in COVID quarantine in Derry and feeling pretty bad. I hope you offer this again in in future,

  4. Unfortunately during my work hours here in Nova Scotia, Canada too. I have been learning Scottish Gaidhlig the last two years (as we still have native speakers here in Cape Breton NS,) but Irish is my ancestry…would I be lost switching to Irish from Scott’s Gaidhlig?

    1. From my experience, learned languages can “mix” for sure. On the positive side, you have a real foundation with Gaidhlig, and you could apply those insights to learning Irish. You’ll see they’re very close (not that I’ve learned Gaidhlig). As we say at Bitesize Irish, follow your curiosity!

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