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Helen Irish learner
Member Interviews
Eoin at Bitesize

Helen moved from Maine to Connemara

Helen Aylward comes all the way from Maine, USA, but now lives in the Gaeltacht! Here’s her member interview with Bitesize Irish. I am very lucky to be able to say I live in An Droim, South Connemara in County Galway. Originally, I am from Portland, Maine, USA. How I started I moved to Ireland specifically to study the Irish language and

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Locke Bar
Eoin at Bitesize

Immersion Weekends for the Irish Language 2019

What is an immersion weekend? As our friend Neasa put it: An immersion weekend (or week(s)) is where people gather to learn the Irish language and speak it and participate in cultural activities (often involving the language). So we immerse ourselves in the Irish language and by the end of the weekend we’ve forgotten how

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Eoin at Bitesize

You’re Already Good Enough (Podcast 083)

You’re already good enough to be able to speak the Irish language. It could be that you’re comparing yourself to others, and living with regret of not learning, rather than following your curiosity with the Irish language, culture, music and history. In addition to the podcast above, here’s a little treat from our Bitesize lessons:

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