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Comhrá as Gaeilge: A proposal for deliberate practice

At Bitesize Irish, we want to get you to practice the Irish language regularly, preferably daily. Deliberate practice, as described in the book Grit, requires: focussed learning on a specific skill, which will help get you to your ultimate goal and immediate feedback, so that you can improve quickly. Even if you attend Irish language

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Irish Pronunciation Videos

How to say Ice Cream in Irish Gaelic

uachtar reoite /ookh-tur roh-cheh/ ice cream Is maith liom uachtar reoite /Iss mah lyum ookh-tur roh-cheh/ I like ice cream For Bitesize Irish members, related lessons: Bitesize Lesson: I Love It – I Hate It Bitesize Lesson: I Prefer This Related posts: How To Say – I Like It in Irish (VIDEO) How To Say

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Podcast 092: Proposal for practising Irish every day

Do you want to get a chance to practice speaking the Irish language? It can be really hard to find the chance to practice speaking Irish. Probably your main bottlenecks are your own time/energy, and having access to someone who speaks Irish. So here’s our proposal: Accept that you should practice Irish conversation more often

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