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Podcast 092: Proposal for practising Irish every day

Do you want to get a chance to practice speaking the Irish language? It can be really hard to find the chance to practice speaking Irish. Probably your main bottlenecks are your own time/energy, and having access to someone who speaks Irish. So here’s our proposal: Accept that you should practice Irish conversation more often

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Member Interviews

Sandra: Think About How a Small Child Learns

When Sandra Cline signed up as a Bitesize Irish member, she didn’t know very much about her family heritage, but she is instinctively drawn to the Irish language and Celtic culture. Read more about Sandra’s Irish language learning journey here, from Indiana in the United States: Why did you decide to learn Irish Gaelic? I

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Irish Pronunciation Videos

Video: How to say “English” in Irish Gaelic

Béarla/Bayr-la/ The English Language Tá Béarla agam. /Taw Bayr-la a-gum/ I speak English. Literally, I have English or there is English at me. Sasanach /Soss-a-nukh/ An English person Is Sasanach é. /Iss Soss-a-nukh ey/ He is English, he is an Englishman (For Bitesize Irish members, see Lesson: Introducing people) na Sasanaigh /na Soss-a-nee/ or /na

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