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How to say Happy Easter in Irish (Video)

With phonetic pronunciation: Happy Easter! (to one person) Beannachtaí na Cásca ort /Byan-okht-ee nah Kaw-skah ort/ Happy Easter! (to more than one person) Beannachtaí na Cásca oraibh /Byan-okht-ee nah Kaw-skah or-ee [or-uv]/ Related posts: How To Say – “Happy Easter” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO) How to say “Lent” in Irish (Video)

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Irish Pronunciation Videos

How to say “Song” in Irish Gaelic

Amhrán = Song /Ow-rawn/ Plus, watch the video for THREE reasons you should learn to sing a song in the Irish language. Get three songs from Bitesize Irish, with their lyrics. Related posts: How To Say – I Like It in Irish (VIDEO) How To Say – No in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO) How To Say

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Podcast 090: Irish Language Learners’ Quiz

Are you an avid Irish language learner, or is it best to park it to the side for a while? This fun quiz will get you to rate your own approach to learning to speak the Irish language. Related: Creating is learning. And you might also like: Start Something! Podcast with Dineen Grow (Podcast 023).

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