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Ciarán at Bitesize

We’re Bitesize Irish

2018 is turning out to be a really important year in the history of Bitesize & the Irish language learning community. If you read our newsletters, blog posts, watched our YouTube videos or listened to our Podcast episodes, you noticed a few changes. Today, we’re happy to announce that one of these changes is to

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Names Matter - Bitesize Irish Podcast 082
Eoin at Bitesize

Names Matter (Podcast 082)

A small cultural practice gives us insight into underlying culture in Ireland: that is that a good number of people in Ireland use the Irish language of their name on Facebook, even though the Irish language is not part of their everyday lives. But that still gives us an insight into the culture, and people’s

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Community Advice: Irish Language Learning Tactics

We’re always trying to help the Bitesize Irish community members with good feedback, advice and tactics to use when learning the Irish language. Often than not, that advice comes from the community itself. If you want to discover some solid tactics of learning the Irish language, please read the following interview. Val is a Bitesize

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