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Enjoy Irish Language

How to Enjoy Your Language Journey (Podcast 087)

After the honeymoon of starting off with learning the Irish language, how do you keep going? How do you make it sustainable for yourself? In this episode, we focus on how to enjoy the everyday moment of it. [T]he ultimate goals of these activities … are also important but true enjoyment comes from the steps

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Member Interviews

Member Interview: Patrick in Canada

Patrick shared this Bitesize members interview with us: A little bit about myself: My name is Patrick O’Hare and I was born in London Ontario Canada. My parents were immigrants from Ireland, who came to Canada in 1954. My Dad was from Newry, County Down, and my Mom was from Dublin. I am currently retired

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Irish Pronunciation Videos

Watch a Conversation in Irish

Meet Siobhán and Gabrielle from Bitesize Irish, speaking in the Irish language! OK, it’s as natural as can be when you have a camera pointed at you. We hope you enjoy this natural speed conversation (a bit like our Conversational lessons that are part of the Bitesize Irish program, but those lessons also include phonetic

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