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Dedicated Learners

Are you already learning the Irish language? Tired of just learning vocabulary out of context? Dive deeper into the language every day. Grammar might be daunting but you understand it’s a tool to express yourself. You want more chances to practice speaking Irish. Our motto: Gaeilge Gach Lá.
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Are you interested in holding a simple conversation in the Irish language? You highly value Irish culture. Perhaps it’s your heritage and you’re planning (another) trip to Ireland. Maybe you already live in Ireland but didn’t learn it in school. You might be coming back to Irish and feel regret at not being able to use it more. You love Irish history, music, dance and literature. 
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For Dedicated Learners

Choose the Explore plan: Dive deep into the Irish language at your own pace with our full courses. Move toward self-expression over time.

Or optionally, upgrade to the Grow plan: In addition to the courses in Explore, practice with others in our private community. Find a true sense of belonging.

For Culture Enthusiasts

Choose the Foundations plan: It’s OK not to be a dedicated learner! Get to know the Irish language in simple Bitesize steps, with hundreds of recordings and phonetic pronunciation guides. Mini-courses in Irish culture, Irish language pronunciation, and Irish language essentials.

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* our motto means “Irish Every Day”

Gaeilge Gach Lá is a way of being. It’s the goal, the direction, of your Irish language journey. Gaeilge Gach Lá is just as important at the start of your life-long journey as later into it. See our resources for Gaeilge Gach Lá.

Our fluent team are passionate in helping you learn to speak the Irish language. We’re a small business based in Luimneach / Limerick in Ireland. Meet the team and contact us.

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