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Your pronunciation is very clear, which helps me a lot. I’m going slow now, practicing the lessons over and over, and trying to develop a decent pronunciation. Being able to hear the phrases repeated as many times as I wish is great.


The most successful Irish language learners make the language part of their every day life, their daily practices. It becomes part of their identity. Even attending a weekly Irish language class is not enough. Failed learners think that they must take huge steps each time. They start to procrastinate. And finally they bury their heart’s calling. It’s not your fault. The Irish language can feel overwhelming. Many, or most, give up. You can feel that your too old, or don’t have enough time, or that you’re not a “languages person”. At worst, the Irish language becomes a source of stress and self-judgement in your life!

At Bitesize Irish, we help you overcome the feeling that you’re not doing “enough”. You are already good enough. Tiny bites of Irish allow you to connect through the language every day. Each Bitesize step is worth your effort, since the journey in itself is worth it. It’s a life-long journey of nourishment. By practising Irish every day, you’ll move from being a learner to being a practitioner of the language. Start by practising a bite each day, and keep up that habit. With Bitesize Irish, you’ll have the opportunity to practice on your own (through online courses), and take guided action every day (through our community). Practice can be a mix of saying, conversing, reading, writing, and reflection.

The quickest bite you can take with Bitesize is to play an audio recording of a native speaker and repeat it out loud (known as the shadowing technique). Our online courses also feature videos on specific topics, which you may prefer at the time. After taking this Bitesize step, you can keep going if you feel like it (you will!). Complete a lesson in your own time, at your own pace, and make progress step by step.

One bite at a time

Blúirín beag ag an am

Learning Irish can be daunting, but not with Bitesize Irish. We offer you online courses that you can take in your own time, a community to help each other, and live conversations to get you speaking it.

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Take daily bites of Aistear online courses at your own pace. Start from the very beginning, and continue on to everyday Irish. Thousands of audio recordings with phonetic spelling, so you can practice pronunciation. Video lessons explaining the finer points of the language.​

Are you already an active learner on your own? Or do you attend classes when it’s available? As well as access to Aistear, be an active member of Bitesize Pobal, our private daily-practice community. Guided prompts to encourage you. Connect with others, help them, get help, share resources. Get feedback on your progress from our fluent staff members. Bitesize Beo weekly group video calls led by a fluent Irish speaker give you the chance to practice with others in a scripted format. By being a connected practitioner for long enough, you become a Speaker of Irish.

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