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Irish Gaelic Language

Unexpected Gaeilge in Dingle Peninsula

This is just a little story from the County Kerry Gaeltacht, to keep you motivated in using the Irish language every day. I went campervanning on the Dingle Peninsula, with a good friend. We parked up, quite late in the evening. We had plans to go to the local pub-turned-brewery, after cooking up some food.

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Learning Resources

Become a Daily “Practitioner” of Irish

Our aim for you at Bitesize Irish is: Gaeilge GACH Lá. Irish EVERY Day. Even if you attend Irish language classes every week, it’s only when you make Irish part of your every day that you’ll move to becoming a speaker of it. It’s possible for you to move from being a “learner” of Irish,

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Irish Pronunciation Videos

How to say “Have a Nice Day” in Irish

In this video, you will learn a handy phrase to windup a conversation in Irish. This phrase could just be used as a pleasantry following in an interaction in a shop or in a similar situation. Note that there two different versions of this phrase, one to use when speaking to one person, and another

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