“Pronunciation Cheat Sheets for Irish Gaelic”

Your key to cracking Irish Gaelic pronunciation.

Many people have said to me “Irish Gaelic isn't written as it sounds”.

Well, that's not true! Irish pronunciation is written exactly as it sounds. However, it does use different rules for representing spoken sounds. Knowing those pronunciation rules will let you decipher the approximate pronunciation of just about any word.

Our Pronunciation Cheat Sheets for Irish Gaelic PDF is the answer. They are at least “an” answer for figuring out how the Irish language pronounces words. They'll help you break down the word to figure out how to pronounce each part, and then string it all together.

Let me show you by example

  • I’ll email you how to decipher Irish pronunciation
  • You’ll be able to pronounce ubh and talamh

Where shall I send the examples?

Irish Gaelic ebook for pronouncing
Graphical representation of the Gaelic pronunciation product you will receive for immediate download — no waiting involved, nothing is mailed.

Want a *method* for cracking Irish language pronunciation?

If you an Irish Gaelic word, such as “talamh”, do you have any clue how to pronounce it? How about “ríomhaire?”? If not, read on.

The cheat sheets come with a four-step method of figuring out the pronunciation of the word:

Four–Step Pronunciation Method

  1. Take an Irish word, any word that you want to pronounce.
  2. Break it into groups of vowels and consonants. Vowels and consonants are clearly explained in the cheat sheets, so you'll learn to do this instinctively.
  3. For each group, check the relevant cheat sheet for how it can be pronounced.
  4. Flow it all together for an approximate pronunciation.

To apply this method, get the cheat sheets today.

What others have said

“It has been a revelation to me”

It has been a revelation to me, to have a system I can use as I'm getting familiar with Irish vocabulary. I use it every time I have a 'learning session' :o)
They give me confidence when approaching new vocabulary. I've found the unfamiliar spelling/pronunciation to be the main challenge - but that's also why I love it ! I think the format is inpired.
I described it as a brilliant signpost to help find your way through this new language (to my sister, who's also keen to learn Irish). I think it works for anyone, right across the board from people who've already had some experience learning language to those who've never tackled it before. It works for junior learners just as well as older people (like me!).”

— Sally Stamford, UK.

“I still refer to it constantly”

“I find the Gaelic 'alphabet' very hard to remember...so even as I learn words, phrases, etc...I still refer to it constantly so that I am able to speak what I read, properly. It's for anyone who is trying to accurately learn Irish Gaelic.”

— Mandii Kennedy, New Jersey.

“Well-organized treatment of the topic”

“Good, concise and comprehensive, well-organized treatment of the topic. I enjoy the opportunity to annotate and customize the materials in pdf format.”

— RWW Taylor, New York State.

“Good examples”

“Very concise, good examples, all in one place.”

— Pat Martin, Irish Gaelic teacher, Ohio.

“I also used the sheets during a recent trip to Ireland”

“I purchased the cheats sheets late last year. They were a great help in my Irish Language classes at the University of Montana. I also used the sheets during a recent trip to Ireland. The trip was divided between visiting relatives and a tour sponsored by the Friends of Irish Studies in the West through the Irish Studies Department at the University of Montana. (The University is also home to the two time and defending USA collegiate champion Hurling club!)”

— Chris Behan, from Missoula, Montana.

What You'll Receive

13 Pronunciation Cheat Sheets for Irish Gaelic

This set of cheat sheets is available as an easily-downloadable set of PDFs. In the four PDFs, you'll get:

There is more — Accompanying Worksheets

Our Worksheets for Irish Gaelic Pronunciation is a 30-page print-at-home group of lessons. Learn to use the 4-Step Method through dozens of tasks with examples. Learn how to break apart Irish words, how to pronounce each part, and how to merge them altogether.


“Pronunciation Cheat Sheets for Irish Gaelic”

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  • 4-Step Illustrated Method
  • 13 Pronunciation Cheat Sheets
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