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Chance to Win Year-Long Access to Bitesize Irish Gaelic

(This giveaway has expired.) Are you interested in learning the Irish language online? Fancy winning one of five memberships for Bitesize Irish Gaelic? Corey and the gang at Irish Fireside are giving away FIVE year-long memberships for Bitesize Irish Gaelic. … Continue reading

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Words in the Irish language that are often used

Raven sent an interesting email recently about learning Irish: I am a fairly new student of your website but I am learning quickly. I have been watching TG4 every day since starting and I have been running into words that … Continue reading

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What’s That? You Want More Online Irish Gaelic Lessons?

Back in April, we asked our members in a survey to “please hurt our feelings”. We wanted to know how to better improve our online Irish Gaelic lessons. I have to be honest, our members didn’t do a very good … Continue reading

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Visitor questions: What do I get, and how much does it cost?

Thanks to Mary for taking the time out of her day for asking us some questions on Bitesize Irish Gaelic membership. She wasn’t sure about signing up, and I wanted to clear some things up. I would like to share … Continue reading

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Visitor question: What if I can only learn with phonetic spellings?

Keith from New Zealand sent on a question this week: Pronunciation is of prime importance to me and I feel that I need to see phonetic spelling alongside the written ‘Irish phrases in your lessons?? Great question! The basic problem that many people … Continue reading

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Visitor question: How long do you think it takes to be able to start to speak and write Irish Gaelic?

Ryan asked me this week, while considering to take Bitesize Irish Gaelic (thanks for joining today, Ryan!), how long it would take to learn to speak a new language. The short answer: a long time. Much longer than you might … Continue reading

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How to train your brain to flip to a new language

This is a guest post by Rubén, who writes on Mostly Maths about programming, productivity and time management. A math PhD student and aspiring procrastinator, he writes about fighting time expenditure and continuous improvement. When you start learning a new … Continue reading

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Break it down for me

Tonight, we watched three episodes of Mad Men. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a TV series centered around a marketing agency in the 1960s. I bought Saša a season of it on DVD for Christmas. I also like … Continue reading

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