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Words in the Irish language that are often used

Raven sent an interesting email recently about learning Irish: I am a fairly new student of your website but I am learning quickly. I have been watching TG4 every day since starting and I have been running into words that … Continue reading

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What’s That? You Want More Online Irish Gaelic Lessons?

Back in April, we asked our members in a survey to “please hurt our feelings”. We wanted to know how to better improve our online Irish Gaelic lessons. I have to be honest, our members didn’t do a very good … Continue reading

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How to train your brain to flip to a new language

This is a guest post by Rubén, who writes on Mostly Maths about programming, productivity and time management. A math PhD student and aspiring procrastinator, he writes about fighting time expenditure and continuous improvement. When you start learning a new … Continue reading

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