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How To Say – “It is _ o’clock” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

If you’re starting to learn Irish Gaelic, you may want to learn the basics before moving up the “language ladder”. That’s one of the reasons why we started our Irish pronunciation videos category on the Bitesize Irish Gaelic blog so … Continue reading

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How To Say – “Happy Easter” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Irish Easter is one of the most respected and traditional holidays we have. We don’t have any Easter traditions but we make sure we respect the good ones we have. Not because we have to but because we want to. … Continue reading

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How To Say – “Where Are the Toilets?” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Before the Internet became such an important thing for us all, we would have to buy local guides if we wanted to travel to somewhere and needed to know how to get around or how to ask some basic questions, … Continue reading

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How to Beat the Fear of Pronouncing Irish Gaelic

Neil recently emailed us, and perhaps you can associate with his feelings: Without a doubt – the most difficult thing is to learn to pronounce the written word in Irish. It seems what we are saying looks nothing like what … Continue reading

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How To Say – Happy St. Patrick’s Day in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

St. Patrick’s Day is probably the biggest holiday in Ireland and it fills our hearts with warmth to see the positive effect this holiday has all over the World. If you’ll check your news feed around St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll … Continue reading

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How To Say – It’s Raining in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Thinking of visiting Ireland? You’d better get some sun-cream and… an umbrella. Yes, the Irish weather is unpredictable so that’s why it would be better to prepare before you arrive in Ireland. 

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How To Say – It’s Springtime in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

You would say that Irish people don’t have strong feelings about Winter or Spring since Ireland’s weather isn’t that diversified. That’s not true, though! The Irish love Spring as much as the next person since it’s the time when nature … Continue reading

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How To Say – No in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Some of the easiest words in English have more than way of being used in Irish. If you remember our blog post and video about How to say “Yes” in Irish Gaelic, you know what we’re talking about. Saying “No” … Continue reading

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How To Say – Hello in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

When you’re travelling to a new country or you meet people from other parts of the World, one of the easiest ways to instantly connect with them is to greet them using their own language. Yes, English is spoken and … Continue reading

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How To Say – I Love You in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Valentine’s Day should be a holiday that celebrates love and friendship. While we encourage you to share your feelings with those close to you all year long, not just on this day, we welcome it with open arms. In a … Continue reading

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