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How Does Irish Gaelic Help You Reconnect to Your Irish Heritage?

In a previous blog post, we said that you don’t need Irish ancestry to learn Irish Gaelic. While this is still we believe in, we also have to give credit where credit is due. After years and years of helping … Continue reading

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Do You Need Irish Ancestry To Learn Irish Gaelic?

We’re really happy how the Bitesize Irish Gaelic community has developed over the years. Whenever we’re creating new tools or courses, we’re always asking the community to find out what the Irish Gaelic learners need the most.

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How Important Is It for You To Learn Irish Gaelic?

There are several reasons why someone would start learning Irish Gaelic and we’ve talked about many of them on our Irish Gaelic blog. Some people start learning because they have Irish heritage and want to learn more about themselves and … Continue reading

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Is Repetition the Mother of Learning Irish Gaelic?

When we ask people what’s their biggest impediment to learning Irish Gaelic, we often get the same response – “I’m not that young anymore, isn’t it going to be hard for me since my brain already closed his availability to learning … Continue reading

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Enjoy the Journey of Learning Irish Gaelic

There’s one golden rule about starting something and actually finishing it with flying colours. It’s such a simple thing to do but, sometimes, we don’t have the luxury of applying it to our tasks. This can also be said about … Continue reading

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Bitesize Beo: How to Get Passed The Dread Of “I Should Study”

Do you have the dread of “studying”? There’s nothing worse than that feeling of “ugh, another week gone, and I really should have studied the Irish language” (or whatever language you’re interested in). You might be one of the many … Continue reading

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The Importance of the Irish Language to the Irish History

Believe it or not, the Irish language has been alive for a long time. If we were to dig deeper into Ireland’s history, we’d find the first Ogham inscriptions dating from the 3rd or 4th century. The so-called Archaic Irish transformed … Continue reading

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Pre-Announcement: Live Event for Irish Language Enthusiasts

In March 2017, Bitesize Irish Gaelic is going to hold a paid live online event for Irish language enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more (such as taking our free Irish for Beginners email course, which includes our weekly newsletter).

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Make the Commitment to Learn Irish Gaelic in 2017

We’re not big fans of New Year’s resolutions since people tend not to go ahead with what they promised themselves. We’re always trying to help you take up the commitment of improving yourselves, learn something new and why not a … Continue reading

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Learning Irish Gaelic with the Help of Video Content

The world is changing every single day and with it, the ways we use to learn new things have to be updated. At Bitesize, we take pride in providing you with comprehensive tools that allow you to learn Irish at … Continue reading

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