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[Re-run] Use Technology to Boost Your Irish Learning Skills (Ep. 04)

Everybody has a different way to learn a new language. People will sign up for local classes to improve themselves or choose to use the Internet to immerse themselves in that specific language. People learn in their own way, but why not reach … Continue reading

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[Re-run] Fun Surprises For Those Who Visit Ireland (Ep. 03)

When it comes to travelling, Ireland has a lot to offer. It doesn’t really matter if you visit this beautiful country for its amazing landscapes, breathtaking views or just to get a small taste of the Irish culture – you’ll … Continue reading

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[Re-run] What Are the Best Apps to Learn Irish? (Ep. 02)

Smartphones and other mobile devices are playing such a big role in our day-to-day life. Five to ten years ago, nobody would have thought that mobile devices will be used to this extent. They allow us to communicate, organize our schedule, … Continue reading

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[Re-run] Can Australia spark your interest to learn Irish? (Ep. 01)

Finding the interest to learn a new language can be close to an epiphany. This feeling you have inside, the desire to learn new things can be triggered by the smallest and unrelated events in your life. The truth is, that … Continue reading

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Podcast Re-runs (Ep. 67)

Eoin and little Liam of Bitesize Irish Gaelic tell you about our plan to re-run past episodes of the podcast on our podcast feed. You also hear about our members-only Facebook group.

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Special Final Episode of Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast (Ep. 66)

Listen as Eoin and son Liam make paper airplanes in their kitchen. Eoin takes the chance to explain why the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast is coming to an end. But it’s also a positive step for Bitesize Irish Gaelic members … Continue reading

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L.A. Deireadh Seachtaine with Ramona Reeves (Ep. 65)

Ramona wanted an Irish language immersion experience near her. So she started the L.A. Deireadh Seachtaine na Gaeilge immersion weekend. Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English).

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Ireland’s a Gaeltacht with Caitríona Weafer (Ep. 64)

Caitríona is from Mullingar in Ireland, and lives in California. She shares her perceptions of Ireland from her trips back home. In her opinion, you can use the Irish language anywhere in Ireland as long as you speak slowly. Discussion … Continue reading

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Goof Around, with Jojanneke van den Bosch (Ep. 63)

TEDx presenter, and award-winning e-learning and social media consultant Jojanneke joins Eoin for a chat. Are you holding back from sharing your love for the Irish language online, like on Facebook and Twitter? Eoin asks Jojanneke how to get around … Continue reading

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Famine Times with Author Rachel Britz (Ep. 62)

Minnesota-based author Rachel Britz tells us about her research for her book Good-Bye, Lover. Her family comes from Donegal, and not every person survived the travel across America. She visited west Ireland in 2014, and tells us how that went. … Continue reading

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