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Audio Guides for Visiting Ireland (Ep. 37) [Re-run]

There are so many awesome places you can visit during your Ireland trip. Where should you start? What should you visit? Should you create your own itinerary or choose the services of a travel company? The truth is that it’s … Continue reading

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Discover Your Own Tactic of Learning Irish (Ep. 36) [Re-run]

Over the years, after talking to different amazing people who discovered their love for the Irish language, we’ve learned that everyone has their own approach to learning a new language. That made us develop the Bitesize Irish Gaelic products with one … Continue reading

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Instantly Connect to the Irish Language through Music (Ep. 35) [Re-run]

It’s no surprise that there are a lot of Americans with Irish ancestry in the U.S. right? But did you know there are at least two types of people who identify themselves with the Irish culture?

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From Siberia to Cork, Ireland – a Place to Call Home (Ep.34) [Re-run]

We love stories of acceptance, of welcoming others with open arms and making them your friends. In a world troubled by hate and natural disasters, stories of hope and community inclusion are like a ray of sunshine.

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An Irish Traditional Poem for This Christmas (Ep.58) [Re-run]

Ever wondered what’s the difference between Christmas in Ireland and in the rest of the World? We don’t think it should be different since this holiday is all about spending time with the loved ones and offering them gifts, whatever … Continue reading

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Who Is Preserving the Irish Language in the Gaeltacht? (Ep. 33) [Re-run]

People who are learning Irish and have the opportunity to travel to Ireland should really go and visit the Gaeltacht area. This will allow you to improve your connection with the Irish culture in more ways than one.

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The Life of an Irishman in the United States (Ep. 32) [Re-run]

According to an article from Irish Central, there are almost 40 million Americans who claim Irish heritage all over the United States. That’s almost 7 times more than the population of Ireland. It’s clear to see the strong bonds between the two … Continue reading

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Discover Irish Heritage by Following Your Family Tree (Ep. 31) [Re-run]

Before going out and discovering the World, we should be trying to figure ourselves out, right? What makes us tick? What drives us forward? Why are we inclined to follow certain paths but not others? Most of these questions can … Continue reading

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The Childhood of an American Kid in Ireland (Ep.30) [Re-run]

Life is all about ups and downs. You’ll need to face challenges on a daily schedule and more often than not, you’ll find yourself in need of some extra strength to be successful in whatever you’re doing. For some of … Continue reading

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Can You Learn Irish Gaelic by Travelling to Ireland? (Ep. 29) [Re-run]

If you’re passionate enough to learn Irish Gaelic, a trip to the Gaeltacht (where Irish Gaelic is spoken in communities) can be an amazing experience. Seeing how the best time to visit Ireland is upon us, why not go ahead and … Continue reading

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