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How to Beat the Fear of Pronouncing Irish Gaelic

Neil recently emailed us, and perhaps you can associate with his feelings: Without a doubt – the most difficult thing is to learn to pronounce the written word in Irish. It seems what we are saying looks nothing like what … Continue reading

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Start Learning Irish on St. Patrick’s Day (Huge Discount!)

Celebration is in order! On 17th March, Irish people from every part of the World are honouring the Irish culture and language by celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! In honour of this important holiday, we’re offering a huge discount for those … Continue reading

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Bitesize Irish Gaelic Interview on Raidió na Gaeltachta

We’ve mentioned the national Irish radio station quite a few times in our blog posts. For people who want to learn Irish, listening to the Irish radio is a great way to immerse themselves in the Irish language and try … Continue reading

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Bitesize Beo: How to Get Passed The Dread Of “I Should Study”

Do you have the dread of “studying”? There’s nothing worse than that feeling of “ugh, another week gone, and I really should have studied the Irish language” (or whatever language you’re interested in). You might be one of the many … Continue reading

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Pre-Announcement: Live Event for Irish Language Enthusiasts

In March 2017, Bitesize Irish Gaelic is going to hold a paid live online event for Irish language enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more (such as taking our free Irish for Beginners email course, which includes our weekly newsletter).

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Santa’s Little Helpers Work At Bitesize Irish Gaelic

Did you know that many elves who usually help Santa Clause to bring you gifts on Christmas actually work at Bitesize also? While we can’t tell you their names and positions, we can let you know that they have a … Continue reading

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Learning Irish Gaelic with the Help of Video Content

The world is changing every single day and with it, the ways we use to learn new things have to be updated. At Bitesize, we take pride in providing you with comprehensive tools that allow you to learn Irish at … Continue reading

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Start Learning Irish Gaelic this Black Friday

Are you one of those people who always think about starting to learn a new language but just doesn’t have the time for it? If you want to learn Irish Gaelic but you find yourself always on the road, on … Continue reading

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Questions collection: How to say “I wish” in Irish Gaelic and more

People contact us every day about Irish language curiosities, travel questions, and about Irish culture. Here’s a selection of questions we’ve received in the past few weeks. The answers might lead you to learn something new.

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Learning Irish Gaelic Manifesto

If you’d like to make a real connection with your Irish heritage, learning to speak some of the Irish language is a deeply personal way to achieve that. You need motivation from the heart. The motivation will get you immersing … Continue reading

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