Say You Will by Mary Murphy (Ep. 052)

Say You Will

Do you love to hear about the “little people”, or the síoga as we call them in Ireland? Or maybe you’ve grown up too much, and you think you don’t need to hear such a story every now and again! In this episode, hear Mary Murphy read out one of her stories “Say You Will”.

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Trauma, and The Irish Language

The Irish Language

Irish people are traumatised, distraught, and brought to tears at the thought of learning to speak the Irish language. That’s what some people in Ireland tell themselves. Read through Loren’s experience which she emailed us (with permission to post here), and our reply below:

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Behind the Podcast (Ep. 051)


Get the behind-the-scenes info about how the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast gets to your earbuds every two weeks. After our recent article on Being Bitesize is Beautiful, where you got to read about our team, in this episode you’ll hear how the podcast itself gets to you.

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5 Year Bitesize Birthday!


This week, I must say we’re feeling old! Or is “mature” the term?

Bitesize Irish Gaelic has now been teaching you Irish Gaelic for FIVE YEARS!

And read further below on how you can take advantage of this celebration with a Birthday Sale of our main Bitesize Irish Gaelic program.

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Not Too Old to Start with Bob Burke (Ep. 050)

Not Too Old to Start

Bob Burke discovered the Irish language in his 40s. Was that too old to start to learn to speak Irish? Not at all!

Listen to this discussion podcast (in English), and you’ll hear how Bob’s lovely spoken Irish Gaelic is.

Bob is the former president of the North American Association for Celtic Language Teachers.

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Being Bitesize is Beautiful

Bitesize Irish Gaelic

It’s not always easy to get a proper impression of who’s behind a website or a service. Bitesize Irish Gaelic is what you might call a “microbusiness“.

We don’t have investors. We don’t have an office except for a home office in a bedroom. There are a number of people worldwide working to keep you learning to speak the Irish language. But no-one is working full-time.

After reading a book based on another book from the 1970s, “Small is Beautiful”, I felt inspired to share with you our “smallness”.

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Celtic Studies with Dr. Ranke de Vries (Ep. 49)

Celtic Studies

When did the Irish language cross into Ireland? What was there before it? Was “Celtic” spoken across Europe? How much did the Irish language change over the centuries? Those are only a few of the questions I had for Dr Ranke de Vries.

Ranke holds the Ben Alder Chair of Celtic Studies at St Francis Xavier University, in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. Ranke holds a Ph.D. in Early Irish from Trinity College, Dublin.

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Digitized Irish Gaelic Writings

Irish language text from 1937.

Dive into old Irish school manuscripts, and you’ll get an instant taster of older Ireland.

The site dú (which means “heritage”) features tens of thousands of scanned pages of school copybooks, plus other content.

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Irish Will Live with Conn Ó Muíneacháin (Ep. 048)

Irish Will Live

Get insights into Irish Gaelic’s positive future in Ireland and in Irish society. Broadcaster Conn Ó Muíneacháin grew up with a passion for the Irish language.

He came to the conclusion that he had to create content in the Irish language through blogs and podcasts to strengthen his ties to the language.

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Top Facebook Pages For Learning Irish Gaelic

Facebook Pages For Learning Irish Gaelic

A noticeable trend of our guests on the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast is that they suggest you should reach out to other learners of Irish Gaelic.

A good example is Dineen Grow. She said: Start Something! Don’t feel alone and stuck, trying to make that deeper connection with your Irish heritage alone. Instead, reach out to others. Create a place for those people to meet if there’s nothing to be found around you.

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