Podcast 045: A Poem in Irish with Ger Killeen

A Poem in Irish

Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English). Ger Killeen is a native of Limerick City, Ireland, and resides near Portland, Oregon. He teaches at Marylhurst University. He shares his Irish language poetry, and his experience with the Irish language in Oregon.

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Share Your Irish Language Learning Story

Irish Language Learning Story

We’re looking for those of you who have spend at least a few months delving into Irish language, Irish culture, and wherever that brought you.

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Podcast 044: Chauffeur Driven Vacations with Dave Hogan

Chauffeur Driven Vacations

Discussion podcast about traveling in Ireland (show is in English). Dave Hogan is an experienced chauffeur driver in Ireland, and a wealth of knowledge. He shares his best tips for a memorable trip to Ireland.

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Let’s Collect All Irish Language Immersion Weekends

Irish Language Immersion Weekends

Depending on where in the world you live, you might very well be lucky enough to have an annual Irish language immersion weekend around you.

They often call themselves a “Deireadh Seachtaine”, which means “weekend” in the Irish language.

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Podcast 043: Irish Language in Dallas-Fort Worth

Irish Language in Dallas-Fort Worth

Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English). Seán Mag Uidhir (John McGuire) established the Irish language immersion weekend in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. He speaks Irish, and shares his journey of learning the language.

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Now Learn Irish Gaelic at www.bitesize.irish


The new URL for Bitesize Irish Gaelic is www.bitesize.irish.

You’ll still find the same popular program for learning to speak Irish Gaelic in Bitesize portions.

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Podcast 042: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Ireland

8 Things You Didn't Know About Ireland

Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English). Irish-American author Brighid O’Sullivan shares with us her love for Ireland through eight things you didn’t know about Ireland.

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Now Learn Irish on Your Bitesize Screen

Learn Irish on Your Mobile Screen

We’re all about helping you to learn to speak Irish (Gaelic) in Bitesize portions. Now you can learn Irish on your Bitesize screen!

That means if you visit www.bitesizeirishgaelic.com on your phone or tablet, you can to dive into our online Bitessize lessons without any pinching or zooming.

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Podcast 041: Irish Oregon Connections with Aislinn Adams


Irish artist and illustrator, Aislinn Adams, has taught the Irish language in Salem, Oregon. Hear her journey through Washington D.C., attending an Irish language immersion weekend (Deireadh Seachtaine), and on to her interest in the connection between plant life in Oregon and Ireland.

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Pronounce “arán” in Irish Gaelic

Lots of people struggle with how the Irish language is pronounced.

Let’s take a short example, and break it down! Once you get familiar with the rules, other new words won’t look so strange.

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