How David White Got Into Irish Gealic (Ep. 56)

Get Into Irish Gealic

David White has a great interest in his Irish heritage. He got sucked into the challenge of speaking some Irish Gaelic! Hear this interview with him, where he shares his positive attitude that makes it possible for him to keep learning a new language.

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Secrets of Pronouncing Irish Gaelic Will Be Revealed

Secrets of Pronouncing Irish Gaelic

Have you ever seen an Irish Gaelic word written down, and thought “How the heck am I meant to pronounce that?!”?

You want to make that deep connection to your Irish heritage. But there’s nothing worse than seeing a phrase of the Irish language written down and having no idea how to say it. The (English language) rules of spelling don’t seem to apply to Irish Gaelic.

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20 Years in Ireland with Susan FitzGerald (Ep. 55)

20 Years in Ireland

Susan of Vibrant Ireland joins Eoin for a chat on the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast. She has lived in Ireland for the best part of twenty years. She’s from the United States, but ended up moving to Ireland. Listen to her great Irish accent! She now lives in rural east County Clare – a beautiful part of Ireland that doesn’t get so many tourists.

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The Gaeltacht Is Dead

Gaeltacht Is Dead

…Long live the Gaeltacht.

Considerably large parts of the map of Ireland are dedicated to “Gaeltacht” areas. The Gaeltacht areas are those parts of Ireland where it was deemed over the years that Irish Gaelic was the predominant community language in those areas.

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Two Winter Irish Gaelic Phrases (Ep. 54)

Winter Irish Gaelic Phrases

As we head into a dark winter in Ireland, Eoin shares with you two relevant phrases to say in Irish Gaelic. He explains what each part of the phrase means. Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English).

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Gàidhlig with Prof Boyd Robertson (Ep. 53)

Prof Boyd Robertson

Where is Scottish Gaelic, or Gàidhlig, spoken? What were those Gàidhlig-speaking areas like, and what is their health today? Professor Boyd Robertson, Principal of Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, joins Eoin to share the culture of Scotland. Discussion podcast in English.

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Irish Gaelic Pronunciation Survey

Irish Gaelic Pronunciation Survey

We hear from a lot of you that pronunciation of Irish Gaelic is hard.

It’s a stumbling block for a lot of Irish language learners. So don’t worry if you find it challenging, you’re not alone.

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Say You Will by Mary Murphy (Ep. 052)

Say You Will

Do you love to hear about the “little people”, or the síoga as we call them in Ireland? Or maybe you’ve grown up too much, and you think you don’t need to hear such a story every now and again! In this episode, hear Mary Murphy read out one of her stories “Say You Will”.

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Trauma, and The Irish Language

The Irish Language

Irish people are traumatised, distraught, and brought to tears at the thought of learning to speak the Irish language. That’s what some people in Ireland tell themselves. Read through Loren’s experience which he emailed us (with permission to post here, and updated to fix that Loren is a “he”!), and our reply below:

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