The Irish Language in the Medieval Times (Ep. 22) [Re-run]

Irish Language in the Medieval Times

The Middle Ages represent one of the most agitated periods in the history of Europe. Ireland wasn’t an exception and it had its share of turbulent times. The Irish language was the subject of many influences along Ireland’s history and the Irish people were very possibly even more multilingual than they are in present times. Continue reading

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Learning Irish Gaelic Manifesto

Irish Gaelic Manifesto

If you’d like to make a real connection with your Irish heritage, learning to speak some of the Irish language is a deeply personal way to achieve that.

You need motivation from the heart. The motivation will get you immersing yourself in Ireland’s culture. That’ll make it part of your everyday life. Continue reading

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Learn Irish by Experience – Irish Language Immersion Weekends (Ep. 21) [Re-run]

Learn Irish by Experience

When you discover your passion for a new language, you’ll focus all your efforts on learning how to speak it. Let’s say you’ve found the love of the Irish language and you want to learn how to speak it, what’s your next course of action? You’ll start by reading and learning the language but this isn’t enough. Continue reading

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Irish Gaelic Immersion Weekends in 2016

2016 Irish Gaelic Immersion Weekends

Time flies, and there’s not all that much time left in 2016.

That can be a good thing. A challenge for you! The challenge is to find any type of Irish Gaelic teaching within travelling distance of you.

Continue reading

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How to Speak Irish with locals in Ireland (Ep. 20) [Re-run]

How to Speak Irish with locals

Ireland is such a great place to visit! Most people come here to admire our beautiful landscapes, to strengthen their Irish heritage or just to visit relatives and close friends. Are you planning a trip to Ireland? Knowing the Irish language may help you more than you’d think. Continue reading

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What Is the Best Way to Learn Irish Gaelic?

The Best Way to Learn Irish Gaelic

Most companies tend to sell stuff by focusing on the “our product is the best on the market” idea. From what we’ve seen and experimented on our own when it comes to learning and self-improvement, that’s not necessarily the case.

Of course, you’ll need a top-notch product that your clients can use with ease. That product has to bring them value and help them to learn. For example, when you take a look at the Bitesize Irish Gaelic method, you discover a comprehensive program that covers all the important aspects of learning Irish Gaelic.

But is there a “best way to learn” Irish or any other language?

Continue reading

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Can You Learn Irish over Summer Vacation? (Ep.19) [Re-run]

Learn Irish over Summer Vacation

Summer is the season when we somehow have a lot of free time on our hands. Most people will go on vacation and some of them will even travel to Ireland! Others would rather be at home, spending more time with family or working on their hobbies they’re so passionate about.

If you are one of those people who want to improve themselves over Summer vacation, maybe learning a new language is the way to go. You have two possibilities – taking up Summer courses or choosing to learn using online tools. The good thing is you will always win.

Want to learn Irish over Summer vacation? Listen to this rebroadcast of the Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast’s 19th episode where Eoin talks about what Irish summer courses you can attend over the vacation, how to introduce yourself in Irish and other interesting questions from our listeners.

This is a re-run of the 19th Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast, in the English language.

Please comment on the original episode.

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Before Learning Patterns in Irish Gaelic

Patterns in Irish Gaelic

This is for you if you feel something like the following:

  • “How on Earth will I understand this Irish language grammar?”
  • “I see all these words in the Irish language written down, but how will I ever use them on my own?”
  • “Irish language grammar is just to hard, I’ll never crack that.”

Continue reading

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Do You Feel Pressure When Learning Irish? (Ep. 18) [Re-run]

Pressure When Learning Irish

Some people respond well when put under pressure but others don’t find the extra motivation to finish whatever they were doing and succumb under an imaginary weight on their shoulders. It all comes down to how motivated you are and how much are you influenced by auto-suggestion.

Learning Irish may be more challenging for some than for others. Are you feeling a certain level of pressure when learning Irish? We understand how this may come into effect but we’re also telling you that there’s a solution. Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves when we run in to an obstacle or when we see how much more we have to learn.

Listen to this re-run of the 18th Bitesize Irish podcast episode where Eoin talks to Pat Hagan from Jacksonville, Florida who has been learning Irish and went on a motorbike trip across Ireland. Pat and Eoin recommend learning Irish by using the Bitesize method and taking it one step at a time, at your own pace.

This is a rebroadcast of episode 18 of the Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast in the English language.

Please comment on the original episode.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Mistakes when Learning Irish

Making Mistakes when Learning Irish

When you do something wrong, you get such a bad feeling you can’t seem to shake off for a long period of time. Humans make mistakes, it’s in our DNA and it can drive our enthusiasm of learning something new to the ground. The harsh truth is that some people don’t even start some things because they’re too afraid of making mistakes.

While that may be true, there’s another strong feeling that plays an important role in our lives. It’s called regret and it’s way stronger than what you feel after making a mistake. Not starting to learn something new because you’re afraid of mistakes will certainly lead to regrets. Continue reading

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