Bitesize Beo: How to Get Passed The Dread Of “I Should Study”

Bitesize Beo

Annoucing Bitesize Beo 2017 live event!

Do you have the dread of “studying”?

There’s nothing worse than that feeling of “ugh, another week gone, and I really should have studied the Irish language” (or whatever language you’re interested in). You might be one of the many people who tried Bitesize Irish Gaelic, and then felt “ugh, I haven’t opened the lessons in a long time”. Continue reading

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How To Say – Hello in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

How To Say - Hello in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

When you’re travelling to a new country or you meet people from other parts of the World, one of the easiest ways to instantly connect with them is to greet them using their own language.

Yes, English is spoken and understood by a lot of people, but greeting someone new by using their own language shows a higher level of commitment and motivation towards them and their culture. Continue reading

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8 Unusual Facts from Ireland’s History (Ep. 42) [Re-run]

8 Unusual Facts from Ireland's History

You don’t have to be a history geek to enjoy reading stories and finding out unusual facts about a country’s past. We did our own research and found out 8 unusual facts from Ireland’s history. Continue reading

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What’s Your Favourite Irish Love Poem?

What’s Your Favourite Irish Love Poem?

Yes, we know yesterday was Valentine’s day but we also think that if you love someone, you should share your feelings with them and make them feel special not just during one holiday, right? In this increasingly agitated world, love deserves more than just one day in February.

That’s why we encourage you to celebrate a whole week this February if not even more! Like all other things, it’s best to start slow and improve so we thought to give you some inspiration by sharing with you some of our favourite Irish love poems.

Why not tell us in the comments which are your favourites? Continue reading

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How To Say – I Love You in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

How To Say – I Love You in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Valentine’s Day should be a holiday that celebrates love and friendship. While we encourage you to share your feelings with those close to you all year long, not just on this day, we welcome it with open arms.

In a World where hate is sold like hot bread, a holiday celebrating love has to be respected to the word. Continue reading

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Irish Language Speaking Community in Oregon, US (Ep.41) [Re-run]

Irish Language Speaking Community in Oregon

Many people who are learning Irish have the same issue – they don’t have who to practice with. While we are doing efforts to improves this aspect of the Bitesize Irish Gaelic community, there may be other options you can try until then. For example, finding an Irish-speaking (or learning) community in your area. Continue reading

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Irish Culture Video – History of the Potato (Prátaí)

Irish Culture Video - History of the Potato (Prátaí)

You may have heard of the Great Famine and how it negatively influenced Ireland’s history. While we’re here to focus on the preservation of the Irish language, we can’t overlook this important event from Ireland’s past.

That’s one of the reasons why we decided to add a new type of video on our YouTube channel – cultural videos. In this week’s Irish culture video, we’re going to talk about the potato (Prátaí). Continue reading

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How To Say – Yes in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

How To Say – Yes in Irish Gaelic article (VIDEO)

If you were to talk to any Irish language speaker you’ll learn that some of the easiest words to pronounce in English are somewhat hard to pronounce in Irish. OK, “hard” is a strong word to use in this case, probably “unusual” would be better since there are multiple ways of saying what you mean in Irish Gaelic.

For example, you’d think that saying “Yes” in Irish Gaelic is simple, right? Well, things are a bit more complicated. Continue reading

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Irish Immersion Weekends in the U.S. (Ep. 40) [Re-run]

Irish Immersion Weekends in the U.S

For those who have some Irish heritage or would like to know more about the Irish culture and language, a trip to Ireland can be like an epiphany. Most times, you just need a little kick in the right way and visiting Ireland can be the spark you need to start learning Irish Gaelic, learning more about your Irish ancestry or immersing yourself in the Irish music & literature.

Continue reading

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Being Polite, Animal Names and other Irish Pronunciation Videos from January

Irish Pronunciation Videos January 2017 article

While acknowledging the beauty of the Irish language, we also have to admit it’s not the easiest language to learn. That doesn’t have to scare you if you’re planning to learn Irish anytime soon but it should encourage you even more.

The harder the task is, the better reward you get, right? If you were to learn Irish, you would be part of a select group of people – those who built an amazing community to preserve Irish culture and language.  Continue reading

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